My friends are being dicks

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  1. They belittle me and toss me off as a "loser" because I smoke weed everyday. I only do it at night time too. I get all of my responsibilities done in the day, so when I have nothing to do, I just toke up. They said I can't smoke weed every day because that's not socially acceptable. I said who gives a fuck, and they said they did. They said it's too much of a good thing. All those were there only argument, and I was stoned so I left because I didn't want to argue. This was all over Xbox by the way. What do you guys think about that? P.S. I'm very high. Excuse sentence errors.
  2. Fuck em' we ball
  3. I think you need to get a ps3:p:smoking:

    Jk, I think your "friends" might need to be reconsidered. You sound responsible so keep on showing it. If they dont give you the respect you deserve then leave them in the past.
  4. Lol yeah I agree that they're not good friends. As long as you get your shit done and can afford to smoke every night, then do it.

    Besides, they're probably just jealous that they can't smoke that much lol.
  5. Your friends sound really immature. It's one thing to live a different lifestyle and it's another thing to belittle someone for living a different life. I grew up a conservative christian so a lot of my closest friends are strait edge but they know I smoke. While they personally don't agree with it they let me do my thing and the see it doesn't run my life. They never bring it up and neither do I. You need better friends my man.
  6. Dont lose friends over just weed, just say you stopped smoking, and dont chill high withthem
  7. Yeah, they can be dicks. I don't to leave because they've been my bestfriends for a long time. We never usually have any problems. They're just being dicks with this.

    YES. I guarantee that at least 2 of my friends would smoke every night of they had the chance. And here they are, chastising me for doing something they'd do.
  8. doesnt matter what we think, its for you to decide whether or not you're going to allow your friends judge you for the lifestyle you choose to lead. and after you've decided that, ask yourself if these people are truly your friends.
  9. They smoke too. It's total bullshit, but they said its only socially unacceptable because I do it every day. Doesn't make any fuckin sense to me.
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    Do you really want friends this shallow.
    Real friendships are based in shared history, mutual respect among other things.
    Time to see them for who they really are and pick new friends:D
  11. Tell them to jog on.

    Find people to chill with that like you for who you are.
  12. maybe your friends are stupid but they probably have good intentions

    you should just not smoke weed with them instead of like breaking up with them.
  13. That's what I'm thinking, and that's what ill probably do. I just won't talk to them for a few days as of now.
  14. Belittle them for stupid shit they do that annoys you?
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    I would assertively tell them that although you smoke daily you do so responsibly and that their concerns are unfounded and their criticisms unwelcomed. You could point out that hassling people about their lifestyle choices is not socially acceptable. Then belittle them for getting their knickers in a twist over something so trivial.

    The main thing is really to show that their criticism doesn't bother you (even if it actually does just play it cool). Just laugh at them when they say ridiculous things.

    Good luck, dealing with this type of thing isn't easy.
  16. Just don't give a fuck man. Keep on keepin' on. If it annoys you to an extreme then just cut them out of your life. You can find many new friends just by talking to people. The world is a beautiful place.
  17. Thanks. I'll be sure to remember this. If I wasn't on the mobile app I'd rep you, lol.
  18. Lone ranger:cool:
  19. They smoke at night? Maybe they want you to switch your routine to a different time preference. Ain't nothing wrong with blazing at midnight.

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