My friends almost got busted...DUMB..dont do this.

Discussion in 'General' started by wd2006, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. Well I wasn't with my friends but they decided to smoke in a park after hours and they where dumb enough to smoke right after the park closes, so there in the benches smoking weed, granted its dark, but people where like 50 yrds away leaving the park.

    Anyway 30 minutes later LEO shows up, and my friend knows that the cops only come through this one entrance, and when my friends saw the cops maybe 300 yds away they dropped their sh*t in the field and they where walking away quickly.

    Since it was dark the police officers didnt see them until they had moved far away from where they dropped their shi*t.

    So my friends start walking on the stone path away from where they dropped their sh*t and the cops pull up to them and flash a light and look at them and tell them to get lost. WHAT A BREAK. THese guys where high and the cops says, go take a hike....What luck. No searching or anything.

    Anyway 30 minutes later my friends come back to pickup the weed and my pipe that I lent him. So they got the weed back and the pipe, they went back to the

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