My friends act weird when I'm high

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  1. So I'm a senior in high school and today me and my friend E skipped fourth hour and lunch to toke up. We got super high and came back to school where I had to go to AP English. As soon as I walked in two of my friends are like "you look really pale," and I tried to hide the fact that I was fucking blazed because I knew they'd act weird. I've smoked with both of them once and neither really likes it. Anyway, as soon as they find out my friend S starts telling everyone and wouldn't take anything I said seriously. I'd say something and she'd just respond with "haha I'm just going to make fun of you because you're high", so I resorted to not talking and sitting there pretty bored all hour.

    It's really annoying. Like, yeah, I'm stoned but who gives a fuck, you don't need to act super weird and make me feel uncomfortable. My step-sister does this shit too, except it's more annoying because she'll be high, too. I'll try to say something and she'll say "you just think that cuz you're high". Yeah maybe, but why does that change anything?

    Yeah, but school high is fun, except I suck at acting normal so I feel like everyone knows. I don't get paranoid, I just hate it when sober people know I'm high and act weird about it.

    Yeah, cool story bro, right
  2. Haha I hve ap history after lunch. I hate ap classes :(
  3. Happened to me before many times. People think its funny to mess with the high guy for some reason. When my friends are high in school, I don't give a fuck. I treat them like a normal person cuz I'm not immature. Those people that think a high person is like.... somehow stupid or below them are just easily amused and uneducated. SO blaze on :smoking:
  4. "fuck high school i go to school high!"

    sorry bro, it sucks that ur friends are buzzkills!
    but luckily, 75% of my high school smokes weed, and all my friends smoke weed.. and were usually all high together.. it really works out n icely lol
  5. Kids do this to me too and they try to trip me out
  6. haha fuck high school. Theyre just jealous cuz they dont have any weed themselves :smoke:
  7. that shit used to happen to me in high school too. fucking sucks. squares man. squares that don't understand the herb. they just think it makes you dumb and paranoid so they try to mess with you. some fags that knew i was high once in high school were like, dude i heard the police search dogs are coming into class today. like fuck dude who cares, i'm not dumb enough to bring weed TO school. stop trying to kill my high just because you're not on my level.
  8. Just play along and mock them.
  9. haha my friends used to fuck with me all the time. i no longer chill with them lol
  10. Yeah last year, first year of uni, that happened all the time.

    They're all just such idiots. This one twat, who I swear is just a nutter, but then acts really contrite and sorry about everything, went around telling all his co-workers when me and my mates walked into his store, and I was high.

    Its like wtf, they don't even know me, why do you think anyone would give a shit that I was a bit baked?
  11. Right, I can't wait to get out of high school. It's not high school itself, it's the freaking people in it. There's a horrible mix of mature and immature that are on very opposite ends of the spectrum all mushed together.

    And I think it's mostly the people who don't smoke who get really weird about it. If I'm stoned around friends I blaze with they could care less, same when they're around me. But these friends of mine are really unfamiliar with it, so I think they assume I'm going to act really weird or something. It's just annoying because I want to have a conversation and they just spend the whole time making fun of me, so I just resort to keeping quiet. Plus I get more paranoid if the people I'm with make a big deal out of me being high because I don't want to draw the teacher's attention just because they're idiots. But if everyone's laughing and looking at me my teacher might start to wonder what's up.

    At least I know which class I should avoid going high to, but really, it's just ridiculous.
  12. Yes, that is quite ridiculous. You need to look at them like they are in the wrong because...really they are. If they are mocking you for the simple purpose of you being high, then they must not have much to do themselves, or see things in you that they want and are trying to exploit/make fun of you because of your altered mindstate. All you have to do in return is look at them when say stupid shit like they should get their head examined unless they are the type that don't know when to take a hint. In that case you should simply be curt with remarks. Make them look more like they are in the wrong because it was your choice in the first place and for that, you were not.

    However, maybe I take things a little further than most people. For that, I apologize.
  13. i'm the same way man. Everyone acts so stupid about it at my school as well. look at me like i'm an alien or some shit
  14. Junior year I smoked lots of weed. I was usually stoned every single day ALL day during class. I was always spaced out in the boring classes. . . People made fun of the stoned daze.............Graduated with only taking one extra semester. I fucked up some credits freshman year.

    Who cares though, i'm high and rambling offtopic..
  15. FUCK HIGH SCHOOL. Getcha Ghetto Education Diploma homie!!:D:cool::smoke:

  16. Yeah, cool story bro
  17. my high school days was eating hash brownies before school started and be hella stoned the whole day lol
  18. I remember my homie used to try to fuck with me while I was high and we both would be high and shit but that's when I first started smoking with him. When he did it, I just was said "dawg, what ever bull shit you tryna pull, I ain wit that shit. So sit the fuck down, and chill out some where before I get mad." He was like what you talking about man, and I just said, you know wtf I'm talking bout. He said iight w.e.

    After that he never fucked around with me when we were high, but we got tight as fuck after that. He respected me, I respected him.
  19. should of busted a nut on that bitches eye when she said that to you bro, don't take that shit from 'friends'
  20. I talked to them about it briefly and told them how annoying it was. Hopefully they get over it.

    Thinking about it, though, I guess their reaction is natural considering they're unfamiliar with it. I mean if I'd never smoked and I saw someone and they were really high, I'd probably be curious and act a little weird towards them. Maybe. I dunno, I don't blame them too much. Still really annoying. I mean I understand being curious, but then there's "haha you're high! Omg ur sooo stoned!!" Wow, you're so observant.

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