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  1. ok so my friend was telling me how he went to the doctor one day and they did a blood test and they said he had hepatitis. he told me though that they thought he did, they said since he had, had a hepatitis vaccine that it was in his system. and thats why it showed up. i smoke with him alot, and i have a habit of peeling the skin on my lips off, not as gross and nasty as you think, you know like chewing your lips when your nervous where like the first layer of your lips get bloody and like chapped. well ive smoked with him before when my lips were like that, and he says he doesnt have it.

    would you guys be worried?

    like if he had a cut in his mouth and my lips were like that? i always used to ask him is your mouth bleeding? and he always said no, but would you guys worry?

    i know i might sound stupid but i like you guys and i trust a couple of you at least to give a real answer instead of an asshole answer.

  2. Well, I don't know a lot about hep. But, are the doctors absolutely sure. I would ask your friend if he could think of any way he could've gotten it. Like fucking some questionable female. If not, then i wouldn't worry. I have heard of people testing + for things that they had a vaccine for.
  3. he said hes had sex over 100 times but i didnt ask how many chicks.
  4. could some people answer i don tknow if i shuld worry o rnot
  5. get tested or something?

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