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Discussion in 'General' started by potheadstewie50, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Hey. i was hopin me and my friend could both be potheads and hang out high, u no shit like that. but we almost got
    caught and he swore off the stuff, he didnt even get 2 try
    it cause the lady who caught us.. caught me first. we escaped, she was kinda dumb, but i was hopin i could convince him 2 try it. any ideas?

  2. Im not a fan of peer pressure. It's not the right way to go about experimenting with drugs.

    Give him some info, introduce him to GC, give him what he needs to make an informed decisions.

    If he says no, just tell him you'll smoke him if he ever decides he wants to try it. Maybe he'll be interested, but the reality is; pot isn't for everybody.

    If we want people to respect our choice to smoke, then we should respect their choice to abstain.
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    but its up 2 him.
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  4. Why don't you just be more careful of where you blaze? I've been blazing for about 8 years now and have had ONE close call, but because of a dumb friend. Be smart and you have nothing to worry about.

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