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  1. So i have this friend that iv'e known since like 7th grade. He even got me into smoking my sophomore year of high school. Well hes been so fun to chill and smoke with but for the past month hes been a total dick. He starts shit with EVERY body and wants to fight them then he just pussy's out. He also just started like buggin out when he gets high and always makes someone drive him home early so he doesn't get "caught" when his parents dont get home for like a few hours. When hes high he asks every 5 minutes "do i look high" " are my eyes red" or " omg im so screwed" He also has the biggest fucking mouth and never shuts up. If you say something about someone he will tell them. Basically hes embarrassing as fuck and no one wants to hang out with him anymore. Im also starting to lose friends because of him too. based on the way hes been acting I dont want to chill with him either but iv'e known him forever, we used to be best friends. Should i stop talking to him? Also i've tried telling him to shut the fuck up and how annoying he is but all he says is " nnaahhh niga u dumb".
  2. Tell him straight but respectfully.

    He needs to know that if he's gonna take risks he cant act like a pussy to you guys and make your high unenjoyable.

    Call him out about his shit talking to everyone you say something about.

    You have no obligation to chill with him. However, if he is pissing you off you have an obligation to tell him about it and get the situation cleared.

    good luck :smoke:
  3. u shud start a fight with him.
    then wen he pussies out just start beating the shit out of him.
    maybe that will teach him to stfu
  4. dont hang out with him anymore. when you finally finish high school you will realize that you no longer hang out with 90% of the people you knew growing up.

  5. nah dude iv'e known him for eveer we used to smoke like everyday.
  6. naaa niga u dumb


    just tell him straight up and if he donest wanna listen to it, fuck it, light u p a blunt and all of a sudden,
  7. im the cool version of this guy irl. lol
  8. Simply stop hanging out with him...

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