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Discussion in 'General' started by stonygurl, Dec 1, 2001.

  1. *sigh* Kinda bummin, here, and need to get it out. Thanks for letting me ramble for a minute or two.

    Over the past 10 years or so, I have seen a few friends fall victim to the vicious cycle of methamphetamines...have seen them lose their jobs, their families, their possessions and money, their health, and their freedom.

    Yesterday my friend Rob got busted for delivery of a controlled substance. I have known him for about 6 years. When I first met Rob, he had a beautiful and nice wife, a great job, and lots of toys. He was kinda shy, sweet, and didn't party a whole lot. Then he decides his life is boring, and started doing crank...drinking...sneaking around behind his wife's back....and I did it right along with him (the crank, not the sneaking around thing lol). Lucky for me, I pulled my head out of my ass and realized I was gonna lose everything if I didn't stay the hell away from the shit. Rob ended up divorcing his wife, and started totally changing into a different person. He lived for the white shit; couldn't get enough, and his whole personality changed. For the past couple of years I haven't even been able to relate to him in the same way as I used to...he is aggressive and just not the same person at all. He has nothing now...only a pickup to drive, and a shitty job (he is very talented in the field he was in when I first met him..but lost that job)..and basically homeless half the time. I am so sad tonight, thinking about how sweet he used to be and how much he has to offer, but he doesn't see that. Now he has this shit come down on him, and I hope it's a wake-up call for him. It has broken my heart to see the person he has become, and he is only 28 years old. Thing that gets me, he is very anti-marijuana! We have had heated discussions about that; now, tell me, have you met anyone who has lost their teeth or their sanity or their bodies due to excessive POT use!??? No, I think NOT. Damn I'm so pissed at him right now! And sad. That is all. I am done rambling. Thanks for listening.
  2. when my frist wife died 1 hr after she was barried i over dosed! i lost it i gave away everything i could! it took a$68,000 drug rehab to pull me out of it!the navy would not let me just family want to step in and the navy said no! i cant tell you how far i fell ,i was out of it! but i have not taken hard drug for 20 years! he is the only one that can help him self! i know its hard to watch as some one you love and care about falls to this kind of a fight but he can herd you as well as him self in that state of mind so take care and help if you can but dont stand between him and what he is doing !thats not smart!thanks for shareing i am up walking off a mid party my self! well my doctor over dosed me by missteak the other night i woke up 3 hrs later in the er! so this was kind of my way of saying fuck it !i can take it! maybe not!if you want to talk ill be here!tazz11
  3. stony get your ass back here and talk gal! i know you that go up and talk in private messages if you like but dont set and cry kido i know what its like!tazz11
  4. hey stonygurl big massive hugs...
    the odd thing is, i've been w/out a computer for a week and tonight an old friend came over and we talked about the fall of just about all 8 of our old "family" into the pit of tweek. it has torn even the strongest of our friends to shreds, ourselves barely making it past the devilish powder.

    i know what it's like to watch a dear friend throw their precious, talented lives away for tweek and i will tell you right now it is the hardest thing to do. they just waste away morally, mentally, physically and even spiritually... that which they valued the most is now at the bottom of the list, tweek and getting money for tweek @ the top. no holds barred. watching an old college friend babble senselessly and hearing that an old "brother" stole 18 grand from his girlfriend's savings fund for his tweek just breaks my heart, because i know these people are "better" than that...

    if you need to talk!!! private message me too stonygurl i'm here for ya too. i've been down that road too many times and it's hard because you can't do anything, noone can they can only help themselves and when they won't or can't it's even worse.. if you need to talk about it, or anything.. we're here!!
    much love and many wishes~~
  5. Thanks, you guys. It is a helpless feeling because I know there is nothing I can do. I have had talks with him in the past and warned him of the dangers, even shown him examples of people I know who have done that shit for years and years, and he assured me he would not end up like that.

    Jeez, rainman, I hope you're okay from the dr. od'ing you! Thankyou for your kind words, man.

    Ganjaphish, sounds like you, too, have experienced this heartache, and I am glad that you love yourself enough not to fall victim to this terribly addicting and yes,-at times-fun, drug.

    I will let him know that I will be here for him if he needs me, but I will not enable him as I may have done so in the past.
  6. I'm sorry to hear bout that man! I guess we've all had our brushes with the shit. I'm starting to become quite the anti-meth crusader to the people. The devastation is just getting too rampant! Meth is Death! Free da Weed!

    I heard from my connect that got busted for the same shit awhile back,(ya might remember the story)

    He was given three options. If he had $50,000 he could "buy" his outta prison, he could go to work as a narc, or he could go do 5 years. He did'nt have the money, he could never be a narc, so he's doin time.

    The lousy bitch that helped get him in this mess has disappeared. Probably out there narcin' for 'de man!
  7. i am a little high strong but ill be all right !i am going to get away from the computer for awhile and i dont know when ill be back ! so you take it easy if i am not here ill be at yahooka if its there ! good luck and remember we love ya! good luck tazz11
  8. Sweetie, my heart goes out to you . I haven't any words that might help the situation. All i can say to you is WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!! I'll share my heart and try to take some of the pain you feel.

    Keep your head up and let our love carry you! I think i speak for most every one when i say that!

    Love and kisses with (((((Stonygurl))))),
    Bud Head
  9. Peace and Love in your time of need. Keep in touch, we are all family here. XOX your friend nate.
  10. Stony....we kinda touched on this subject before, haven't we?

    There were 4 & my x being one of them, we all had some heller times partyin' 2gether, we all got really close. We all started our meth trip 2gether and none of us were ever the same. Everyone got paranoid and selfish. The guys were hiding shit from the chics, leaving us with no choice but to steal from them. We all stole from each other. There was shit goin on between people that shouldn't have been. One of my girlfriends burnt her leg up, burnin stuff in her yard. Needless to say we ALL split up, one guy went to jail, later his ol' lady went. The guys (most of them) had graduated to the needle.
    The guy who kept us supplied was soon trying his hand at making it-we were the guinnea pigs. He got busted but not for the meth. He got out in a few years-with the recipe he was looking for. His wife at the time was diabetic and her kidneys had shut down-she was doin the dialisis thing 3x/week and meth. She died about 6 months after he got out. He was cookin up a storm by then. Next thing you know there's a VERY YOUNG girl hangin out at his place all the time. I'd met her mom at a few places-she IS a meth whore. She basically let the dealer have her daughter for the fix. Now......this dude finally gets popped (with rigs & a little powder) and by this time the very young girl is strung out, with a baby and one on the way. I have known this guy even before the 4 couples thing started and after watching all of us go to hell, I hated watching him do these totally stupid irrational things. I have quit doin it to the extent that I's just a "Special Occasion" when the kids are gone type of thing. He never slowed down 'til he got popped. I even tried to explain to him how other people saw him now, compared to who they saw before (he also was very talented-had a good job-some respect in the community-great funny personality). He just couldn't or wouldn't hear me.
    Now he's clean, been out for 'bout 6 months, (stupidly) married the young girl (that didn't last long).
    Good luck girl with your bud-don't turn your back on him, someday he may come around.
  11. Hmmm, this is pretty intresting...

    I ALSO have a close friend named Rob who is having his experience with Meth right now as well. He has been using for 8 or 9 years now and is 19 years old. He is for all intesive purposes addicted, but he doesn't do it any ways besides orally and nasally, and can't stand needles or smoking it (the worst ways)...

    Except the difference is that my "Meth Rob" hasn't experienced any real detriement stemming directly from his Meth use. He doesn't fiend for the meth, it doesn't control his life, he eats and sleeps and is in good health. He has had tons of dental work done, but he never lost his job with great insurance so his teeth are perfect. He lives on his own and is quite responsible, not too many problems.

    I think long term meth use does generally take you down bad roads of addiction and trauma, but my friend Rob is testament that you can do meth for long periods of time with little to no noticable impact on your life and actions, it just takes a LOT of self-control...

    Methamphetamine can be a very fickle partner. Most find themselves in ruins after dancing with her for awhile, but some come out of it relativley ok, and some are the better for all really depends on the person...

    I hope all of you who have had, or have friends who have difficulties with meth realize that it is the person who is responsible for thier actions, and not the drug. Do not assume that just by abstaining from the drug these people's troubles would be resolved...

    My guess is meth was just the catalyst that brought all thier issues to the light, but the issues themselves where already there, so the path to recovery is all that much harder once the drug is gone, because the person and thier troubles remain to pick up the pieces...
  12. Agreed, Brainrape, agreed. Very insightful observations. Thanks to all who replied to this post....I hope your "methRob" *lol* fares better than mine.
  13. Brainrape, would it be fair to say that some people can handle things better than others? I can smoke more pot than others, but when it comes to alcohol i've had too much before others get started good.

    I think that is what makes us indavidual people.

    I might get addicted to things others can do it or leave it alone, or vise-versa.

    I have a 63 year old friend who smoked cigarettes for 45 + years. He can put them down and doesn't have any kind of trouble not smoking, but he has to have a glass or two of whiskey every night or he will get the shakes.

    Stonygurl, I will be around if you need to ramble some more about this. You know where to find me!

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