My friend willingly gets knocked out on his 21st bday..

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    :eek:So I had to film it and post it on the internet. :D

    Hes from philly, haha. how much money would you take to get hit my big kev lol

    [ame=]YouTube - Willingly getting "knocked the fuck out" on 21st birthday[/ame]

    it took my friend 10 minutes to convince big kev to punch him and he finally gave it to him, then after the punch, we hear someone from their window clapping. haha funniest shit ever.

    @ 0:22 YOU JUST GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT.... "you dont even know man" lol
  2. Wtf lol get knocked out. Interesting.
  3. whattt thee fucckkk? I dont know what to say.
  4. He looked like a chipmunk the next day

  5. Ow dude, that would make me throw up if i was drunk and stoned as fuck on my 21st... fuckkk thatt
  6. :hello::laughing:
  7. He was definitely drunk and stoned lol
  8. i'd take 50 bucks to take a hit from him.I've taken head kicks from my huge ass buddy and didn't go all the way down. My friend also does kajukenpo so he knows what he doin :p
  9. How much money did he get
  10. no money. He wanted to get punched. lol. the next day he was like, Yeah now I know what kev can bring if we ever got in a fight with some people. haha:hello:
  11. Where was the logic behind that? haha.
    It makes a good story though!
  12. TBH I've always wondered how hard I'd have to get punched to get knocked out. I've taken some pretty hard hits but I've never been anywhere near feeling like I'm gonna get knocked out, it's probably all the adrenaline.
  13. What a great, not my celebratory method of choice but each to their own I guess, made fuckin funny viewing:laughing:
  14. Is your friend a tard?
  15. Nah lol , but he claims he could fight a lion:rolleyes:
  16. Get him a lion for his next birthday.

  17. I think I might have to.


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