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My friend wants to charge me 60 a gram

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Austria-Hungary, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. So I live in VA in a pretty rural area. The best weed from around here is grown by a redneck in a shack environment, not mids but definitely not medical grade. My friend however, has a sister who lives in California and works at a medical dispensary, and she's about to send him out a package of 3 quarters of an ounce as medicine. He said he would smoke me out once, and sell to me once, and his price...60 a gram. I asked him how much for 100, he said 2.5. That sounds ridiculous but the reason is that he actually uses it as medicine, he was born with a fucked up stomach and is always prescribed a bunch of pharmaceuticals to help him, he doesn't have an appetite and when he does he can't keep food down, not only that but his stomach always gives him severe pain, and the weed around here just doesn't do the trick. Also, the shit he's getting is among the best in the world, I'm talking at least 30% THC, compared to 5-15% around here. 15% THC is actually considered pretty decent shit out here. I don't know bladies, is it worth it?

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    Sounds like he has chron's disease and want's to use this high grade marijuana to help his pain, but he doesn't want to get rid of his weed at ALL, but if he HAS to, he'll do 60/g

    I would totally not buy from this guy though, you're buying from someone who doesn't want to sell.
  3. No matter how good it is, you're going to hate yourself for paying $60 for a gram.
  4. Nope.

    My connect's stuff is imported from Cali, and its 20 a gram, and Im in Florida.

    60 a gram is high for oil, let alone bud
  5. Oh hell no. Even 60 an 8th is kinda rip off. I think it's his nice way of telling you that he does not want to sell his quality medicine. I think gold is cheaper than 60 a gram ffs.
  6. 60 a gram? That's more than slaves cost back in the 1800s.
  7. its worth it if he gives you head too (no homo)
    Yea, his brother is getting a package for Christmas ill probably just buy from him. Sucks, at least hes smoking me out though.
  9. Lol 60/g. Your "Friend" is trying to bend you over and fuck you with a broomstick.
  10. If the guy is really using the weed for medicine I would support him and his illness and not buy it from him. Also I would try and encourage him not to sell his medicine
    Sure he may have the $60 now but after he blows it on whatever, he's not going to have his medicine at a time when it might be useful
  11. that means getting high once in a one bowl bong would cost me $60
    the answer is simple:
    Kill your friend,
    take the weed
    his condition will be no more.

    I kid, but honestly grow your own. or find a dealer, it shouldn't be that hard
  12. Actually his brother has a grow setup with a plant going right now. The thing is, he can only grow in a closet so the quality will be nothing compared to the legit shit. And I know dealers, but they only rarely have medical grade. Like I said, I'm closer with his brother, that's actually the only reason I know him, so when he gets his package I'll just buy from him
  13. One of my
    most successful grows was in my closet when I was 13 (shrug)
    but yeah probably the best idea to buy from him later.. at $60G I wouldn't even consider him an acquaintance, and if his issues were honestly that severe, he would be in Cali living the life.
    I had Fullblown ulcers bleeding inside me every day for 6 years straight combined with ocd, and a bunch of other stuff I'm too tired to get into right now, but unless he's dying, that is some fucked up pricing 😔
  14. Agreed
  15. Your friend has smoked away half of his brain cells apparently

    Sent from four score and seven years ago
  16. The most I've ever paid for a gram was 30 and that was after a very in depth evaluation
  17. Lol at the at least 30% thc nugs.
  18. Don't buy from him then man, it's medical, sure.. But you're paying 60/g. That's what people pay for a gram of oil over here in FL, so I'd just stick to the usual connects you have
  19. you're stupid if you want to buy weed that price, grow your own and smoke for free

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