My friend, the idiot

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  1. So, as a little backstory, my friend Daniel is a crazy dumb motherfucker. Before he turned 18, he had already recieved in the span of one year:

    -A marijuana posssion charge. A security officer at our school illegally searched his car and found a roach who's resin tested positive for thc
    -A felony charge for stealing clothes at Macy's
    -And a charge for stealing ciggarattes from CVS :eek:

    So now this is where the story starts. My friends Daniel, Alex and I were out in my car coming back from McDonalds during lunch break at school. We parked near the school and the new security officer this year at the school, who spends all his time prowling trying to catch kids any way he can, comes up to our car. I have weed in my pocket.

    We get brought back to school and searched. They find weed on me but nothing on my friends. So my mom comes and she allows the cops to search my car and they found my pipe and Daniel's bubbler. So I get a marijuana possesion charge, which is just a misdemeanor and my first offence, so I'm not stressed. I recieve my charge and get a 10 day suspension, Alex and Daniel are off scott free.

    So I go home, and ten minutes later, Daniel's mother is at my door asking where Daniel is. Turns out, after my situation happened, Daniel went to the office of the police officer at my school and started talking casually to him, and then just swipes his bubbler off the desk and bolts! I'm like wtf!!! :confused:

    So now, Daniel is at home on suspension, probably going to get expelled, and is facing charges of stealing evidence and breaking and entering, because apparently after he commited his dumbass act of foolishness, he went out and broke into someone's car to steal ciggarrettes and was seen by the same cop from whom he swiped the bubbler right in front of. :eek:

    I'm not allowed to speak to Daniel right now, lol. He is my friend but a retard...:p
  2. Wow, sounds like your buddy should get prepared for a long life in and out of jail if he doesn't normal out.
  3. truely a crazy motherfucker.

    Maybe he just doesnt care about being caught.
  4. your friend sounds like one of those idiots that never fucking learns
  5. your friend is going to get you in a lot of trouble one day

    mark my words
  6. Sounds like a textbook moron. You're better off not hanging around him, odds are you'll get thrown into another shitty situation for no reason.

    Why did the security officer bring you in to the school and search you? At my school they can't do that unless you've done something already (like right then, not in the past) or they have a "credible source" of information. Sounds like some bs on your schools part.

  7. ^^^This. Stay away from that fucker.
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    Hi Connor!

    I can vouch that Dan is indeed an idiot sometimes
  9. All, i have to say is you only have one life to live, why live it in jail? I mean yeah, take advantage of all it has to give, but why would he do such stupid ass things?:p

    Great stories though.
  10. Yeah man if you keep hanging out with your "Friend" you are going to end up getting fucked. Thats not the type of people I would kick it with, I like to lay low. :smoking:
  11. lol wtf why would he steal cigs right after he swiped the bubbler? Thats just plain dumb. At least you got off pretty easy it sounds.
  12. thats actually fucking hilarious
    i can just see that, goes in the office, grabs his bubbler and just books it hahah
    the cops probly like.. "... what the fuck :confused:"
  13. seriously.
    I really wouldn't hang out with this guy, he sounds dumb
    & he's obviously trouble

    smokeandmirrors said it, he will get you in trouble one day- and it wont be at school it will be in real life. better off not even chilliin with the dude in my opinion
  14. LOL he sounds like a badass:hello:
  15. Hes one of those motherfuckers that never learns, and who will eventually grow up to be the same person - except he wont be getting detentions or suspensions, but prison time.
  16. Your friend sounds p. retarded. Also nice to see another fellow Fairfaxian posting here:wave:
  17. well not gonna lie he not smart... he should probably get a hobby, well besides stealing
  18. Well, either he is going to wind up in jail for a long, government sponsored vacation, or he's going to straighten out.

    I wouldn't be too worried, a lot of poeple who were crazy motherfuckers in their youth can grow up to be successful adults.

    But whatever you do, DON'T let him get you in trouble...even if he is your friend. Don't hang around him when he's doing stupid shit.
  19. To be honest, what makes this story worse is that:

    a) They already knew who he was
    b) He dropped a backpack full of things with his name on them
  20. He broke into someones car for ciggarettes? Lmao!

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