My friend stole a cell phones...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sproggs, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. My friend stole two cell phones and refuses to get rid of them while he's over here. Are we in danger of the police knocking on the door at any second?

    We've had 'em for like 16-20 hours or so.

    (I didn't steal them, he did and won't get rid of them)
  2. Well if the police do come which I doubt they will. Make sure he takes the blame and if he doesn't when u get out of prison whoop his ass brutally. Where the fuck did he steal the cell phones from any why?? Drug money needed? Drugs and money cause so much crime you wouldn't be able to even comprehend it. I can't even myself
  3. Well if they have gps (like an iPhone or a high end model) they are absolutely trackable. What models are they?
  4. programs can be installed on a phone to track them with GPS within 10 meters or so, that said not many people would use them, and thats only newer phones. sell them, buy crack.
  5. You have no idea. I found a blackberry, brang it home, a day later cops were at my door and asking for it etc... I said I had it, they said I stole it, got arrested and now I'm awaiting trial..

    Be Scared, Be Very Very Scared. If I was you, I'd kick your friend out and tell him to never enter the premises ever again for doing such shenanigans.

    Seriously, smoke a bowl and play tetris or snake on it.

    Seriously though, I did find a blackberry but nothing happened, I'm going to trade it for an O of dank. BTW, the owner of it, was cheating on his wife. Epic Win for me.

  6. Idk why he did. But I don't like it :mad:

    I mean, as long as the cops show up, I don't care...though I don't approve.
  7. haha good luck with that.

    ya man i think u should just take out the sim card.

    thats not cool tho
    stealing cell phones?

    silly people
  8. My phone is 3 years old and it's trackable...

  9. Ones a RAZR I think and the other is some sort of ghetto ass with no brand name on it.
  10. where did he "find" them?
  11. dont be so damn paranoid theyre not gonna send bruce willis over for two dudes who stole cellphones:smoke:
  12. Stolen property is taken VERY seriously. I would tell your friend to get the fuck out and take that shit with him.

  13. Iowa cops man...they have nothing to do :p Then again a lot of the people in this aprtment complex smoke, so they probably wouldn't call the cops.

    But still...I don't like it.
  14. Just tell em to sell em quick. pawn shop or some shit.
  15. why are you wasteing your time on here when you chould be making prank calls!!!!

  16. Your friends sound like a bunch of pieces of shit. Do they steal from YOU?
  17. Unless your friends stole top secret cellphones from the government you don't have much to worry about..

    What do you guys plan on doing with the cellphones?
  18. take naked pictures of yourselves and send them to everyone on the contact lists! YA!
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