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My friend started to sell weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JS8672, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. When I asked him to hook me up, he said he has to ask his guy.

    What kind of a hookup should I expect from this guy, he is a pretty good friend from work. He has had Bubba Kush and Master Kush and street prices down here in socal are 20 for a gram and 25 a gram for those who deliver.
  2. 20 a g just expext not 2 get shorted but no deal.
  3. Dunno - all you know about him is from what he told you at work? Or have you guys hung out and shit
  4. How could we possibly know what to expect from some guy none of us know?
  5. 25 for 1 gram? i can get about 3.5 for 25 with delivery and its amazing weed, come to canada buddy.
  6. does anyone else think these are kind of useless comments? is it actually reasonable that he's going to move so he can get cheeper weed? anyways.... i'd prefer all the hot chichas over some cheeper weed
  7. haha good old united states of america and over priced weed, shit is 120 a quarter here in NC its bullshit.

    and it depends on the price he gets it for and how good friends you guys are theres alot of factors you just gotta wait and find out.
  8. Agreed.

    It happens all the time on here.

    Canadians always feel necessary to point out they have great prices on their product, even when it's irrelevant to the topic.
  9. weed in america goes through to many hands thats why its always gettin upped.

    cut out your middle man and get the real prices.
  10. Hes a good friend, I've known him for about 2 years and we have hung out a lot.
  11. Then you should be fine.
    Invest in a scale, you will thank me.
  12. Even if we said yes, why does it matter to you if you are going to get from him ? If you trust him like you ay you do. Then why you stressing it? :p
  13. dude we cant tell you what your gonna just expect to pay normal prices but like the first poster said not get shorted....i mean cmon man how are we supposed to tell you ha

    but i hope you get a good deal
  14. I'm not stressing at all, he will not short me.

    I'm just asking about how much of a discount he can give me if any, I was looking for comments like you guys have a friend and he gives you such and such discount.

    i guess i didnt explain myself very well, i smoke a lot lately

    master kush is bomb
  15. Lol. My thoughts exactly.
  16. Hey, if he has just started dealing then dont expect much from him, if you support him then support him by buying off of him. Once he get's established and rolling im sure he still start to hook you up with some goodies!

  17. i'm going to canada next year for hockey i plan on playing in B.C is there good bud there?
  18. yeah but its really a useless thread anyway
  19. my friend gave me a free bicycle for buying a gram once
  20. My problem's not the money, it's not having a source since I moved to NC from TX.

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