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my friend smokes differently or am i?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MobBarley, May 31, 2009.

  1. Well I have been smoking a lot, weed and cigerettes. For instance with a pipe, I hold the carb suck in, but without inhale or anything till my throat feels tingly and then i inhale or take a deep breathe in (both inhale and breathing). But what my friend does is basically inhale at the same time while sucking from a pipe. Both ways it got us high, but im just curious how others smoke now lol.
  2. you can do it either way but with a pipe i inhale while im drawing in the smoke from the pipe then let the carb go and just let all the smoke shoot into my lungs its kinda hard to explain :D
  3. yeah like i know what you mean. As soon as you start burning your bowl, dont you like kinda breathe in both nose and through your throat and when you feel your lungs burn or your inside you let go of card and suck in all that clean cool milk? o_O
  4. Yeah< thats what i get.
  5. yeah i guess just suck in till lungs start to get full then clean the bowl...that was a easier way to say it i guess xD
  6. Both work, if I interpreted your post correctly I do it the same way as you. I inhale, and then chase the smoke down with a deep breath of air.
  7. I normally do both. I inhale as I'm smoking and then at the end I fill my mouth with more smoke, let the carb go, and breathe in. It gets just a little more smoke every hit.
  8. I do it like your friend.
    I should try your way, though.
  9. i do both. haha. Make smoking fun. Inhale any crazy you want. :p

  10. hell yeah!
  11. I inhale deep into my lungs during my hit then inhale fresh air on top of that to get it really down in there.

    I do the same with cigarettes too but thats probably really bad for you.
  12. when i learned to smoke, my 'mentors' told me to puff then inhale and hold it
    but i think it just depends on how high i am, if im already high, i usually just inhale it strait to my lungs and hold it
  13. I always inhale straight into my lungs and then keeping breathing in deeply for a bit after I'm done taking in smoke. Seems like the best way, IMO.
  14. What I do is.
    1. Light the weed in the pipe.
    2. Suck till my mouth is full, not sucking into my lungs.
    3. When mouth is full of thick smoke I let go of the carb and inhale deeply :)
    I also do it the regular inhale way, but I do this way most of the time.
    I usually do it when the bowl has a fair amount of weed in it, like greens or close to greens.

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