My Friend Smoked My Weed

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  1. Well i was at my friends house last week we were having a good time drinking with our group of friends. We were planning on smoking weed but never got to it. I left at 2am and when i got home i realized i left my 1/8 of weed and my piece at my friends. So i call him up the next day and he says he will return it to me in school. Well the week goes by and either we keep forgetting to meet up or he left it at home. 
    So that weekend out school has a optional trip to Six Flags, but i decide not to go due to the crappy weather, but my friends goes and apparently he was high. When i heard this from one of my other friends i start getting a little mad since i knew that he did not have any weed on him a few days ago and assume he smoked mine. That night i get a call from my friends with my weed asking why i was telling people he smoked my weed (i told one person and it was just an assumption). I apologize to him and say that i just assumed cause he didn't have any earlier and that i dont really care if he uses some but he should just ask. So the next day we meet up in school and he gives me my jar that i keep my weed in. When i get home i open it up to find no weed. just 3 empty gram bags and my dirty piece (i cleaned it before i went to his house last week). So now i am pretty fucking mad at him. Any ideas what i should do?

  2. u left an 8th of weed with a pothead. wat u expect?
    justget his next time
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  3. Ask him where the fucks your weed at and to cough up some money for the amount he smoked
  4. dick move by him, but you shouldn't have left your weed at his house. if I was in his position, I would have smoked that shit too. not all three grams, but still...
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  5. Make him pay you back he sees you as a sucker.
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  6. There is usually a fee for holding on to someone else's things. But max like a gram a week.
    He took some hefty fee. 
    Lesson learned I guess? Not much you can do except not forget shit next time.
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    You could ask him to pay you back in money or an equal amount of bud. If he's a good friend he should understand. If he doesn't understand and he decides to be a dick there's not really anything you can do apart from use it as a learning-curve and never leave your bud behind again. There are other things I could suggest, but I'd get in trouble, and you've probably already thought it.
    Ya get me?
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  8. Make him pay you back or I'd straight beat his ass, depending on where you live and what kind of weed that was, that could have been 60 bucks that he just ripped from you.
  9. Welcome Not High style 
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  10. Don't know how the people above are like, well he left it there so its alright to smoke it..... no...its his shit, called respect, something you people have never heard of 
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  11. Rape his sister.
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  12. Rape solves everything, OP.
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  13. Then he's not a real "friend." If you left some weed at my crib, I would have called you to see if you were cool to let me toke a gram. But who forgets to bring their friend's weed jar to school? If he doesn't pay you back then just smoke all of his weed up. Revenge and Cake.
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  14. If you leave weed with someone for more than a day they do have a right to smoke some. Thats just etiquette but to take that much just aint cool. Say I was kl with you smoking some (if your not you should be) but now you gotta pay me back. I often leave my weed with a mate and he almost always smokes most of it- but when he does he makes sure theres equally dank or even danker weed waiting for me. Dont let him treat you like a fool.
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    i would never smoke my friend's stuff without asking. there is never a time where it's okay to just do that you fucking fiends :laughing:
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  16. Tell him to pay up, or to replace the weed. Pretty simple :smoke:
  17. Most likely won't get your money back just try to avoid these people OP.
  18. I understand smoking someone's weed if they ask you to hold onto it until the can get it, but I don't think he should have smoked it if you forgot it.

  19. I hate when people do shit like that
    make him pay you back. Or make him get you an eighth. 
    If that fails then take his money or bud. 
    And if all fails. Then beat his ass

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