My Friend Smoked My Weed

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  1. Well i was at my friends house last week we were having a good time drinking with our group of friends. We were planning on smoking weed but never got to it. I left at 2am and when i got home i realized i left my 1/8 of weed and my piece at my friends. So i call him up the next day and he says he will return it to me in school. Well the week goes by and either we keep forgetting to meet up or he left it at home. 
    So that weekend out school has a optional trip to Six Flags, but i decide not to go due to the crappy weather, but my friends goes and apparently he was high. When i heard this from one of my other friends i start getting a little mad since i knew that he did not have any weed on him a few days ago and assume he smoked mine. That night i get a call from my friends with my weed asking why i was telling people he smoked my weed (i told one person and it was just an assumption). I apologize to him and say that i just assumed cause he didn't have any earlier and that i dont really care if he uses some but he should just ask. So the next day we meet up in school and he gives me my jar that i keep my weed in. When i get home i open it up to find no weed. just 3 empty gram bags and my dirty piece (i cleaned it before i went to his house last week). So now i am pretty fucking mad at him. Any ideas what i should do?

  2. Kicking his ass is too easy. Make sure he re-pays you for this, I would not let this one go without any kind of re-payment. It would be different if it was like a gram or so but this is an eighth! Much different concept. You paid for that weed and damnit you should have been the one smoking it. He owes you $ or reefer, and if you don't get it then start burning his personal belongings one by one.
  3. Maybe not post the same thread 4 times?
  4. Be angry and get your money back
  5. Threaten to write a nasty yelp review about him and convince him you have a very reputable account on yelp.
  6. punch him in the dick dude.
  7. That's fucked, you should have said something to him by now. If he acts shady about it and tries to avoid you, then fuck him hes a fake lame, let other people know. But hopefully you can both be cool about it and he pays you back in weed or cash.
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    There's nothing left to do but out-smart him, at least you found out he was a shitty person before in the long run. Imagine if it was an ounce or more, that's not a lot to be worried about and at least now you can cut him out of your life. You could either set him up, take shit from him, or fight him, but it doesn't seem worth all the trouble over an 1/8. If he's got a nice bong or something expensive you could take it or break it on the spot, and if he asks you to pay just be like "I didn't ask you to pay when you smoked my weed BITCH" before walking out like a boss. Just shatter that bong and walk out like a BAMF. I don't chill with anyone I can't trust with my shit, you just need to find better people and not worry about it. A year from now this won't be relevant, if anything it's a blessing in disguise because now you know you can't trust him.

    Edit: I feel like you're still in high school, did you really make an account to just post about this? It's a simple solution, get your shit back or don't. Either way you aren't going to be cool with your friend anymore, just use some common sense. Some of the threads on here are just ridiculous one-timer's who post a problem they can easily figure out the answer to... "omgz my friend ________ sum1 h3lpz!" $50 (more or less obviously) is a good deal to find out whether you can trust one of your closest friends or not, you've either got to be young or just a straight up asshole to risk a friendship over something so small. If you have mutual friends they'll probably fuck you over too unless they like you better, just be smart and don't trust anyone sketchy.

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