My Friend Smoked My Weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DenVichi, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Well i was at my friends house last week we were having a good time drinking with our group of friends. We were planning on smoking weed but never got to it. I left at 2am and when i got home i realized i left my 1/8 of weed and my piece at my friends. So i call him up the next day and he says he will return it to me in school. Well the week goes by and either we keep forgetting to meet up or he left it at home. 
    So that weekend out school has a optional trip to Six Flags, but i decide not to go due to the crappy weather, but my friends goes and apparently he was high. When i heard this from one of my other friends i start getting a little mad since i knew that he did not have any weed on him a few days ago and assume he smoked mine. That night i get a call from my friends with my weed asking why i was telling people he smoked my weed (i told one person and it was just an assumption). I apologize to him and say that i just assumed cause he didn't have any earlier and that i dont really care if he uses some but he should just ask. So the next day we meet up in school and he gives me my jar that i keep my weed in. When i get home i open it up to find no weed. just 3 empty gram bags and my dirty piece (i cleaned it before i went to his house last week). So now i am pretty fucking mad at him. Any ideas what i should do?


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