my friend shot my other friend in the face

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ca_dro, May 29, 2009.

  1. so two days ago i buy a bb gun, like a really powerful one, co2 and metal bbs. i was at the park and i made the mistake of letting my dumbass friend crazy-legs see it, and he starts shooting at our little buddy ray-ray as hes riding the bike, suddenly ray goes to the ground and we think hes jokin bu i go up to him and hes fuccn bleeding everywher crazylegs shot him in the fuccn face, and the bb is stuck in his eye. EVERYTHING S FUNNY TIL SOMEONE GETS HURT THEN ITS FUCCN HILARIOUS. I had to give ray a blunt to smoke, he just sat there fucced
  2. Wow um thats fucked up.. So what his um blind now?
  3. no he got shot in the upper cheek, and the bb like floated upward to where its in his bottom eyelid, if that makes any sense, we took care of him but eventually we had to have someone take him to the hospital
  4. lol crazy-legs and ray-ray

    What's your nickname?
  5. lol i go by ca-dro in real life, wuts ur nickname
  6. the name i go by with my graffiti is Crime?

    my nick name is tony or ant
  7. cool do you post pics of ur graffitii
  8. always.
  9. dude that's not fucking cool. my brother got shot in the eye by a paintball gun and he can't really see well out of that eye anymore. permanent damage has been done. this guy could be fucked for life now.
  10. haha im baked and gave u + rep cause of ur status

    and now u hve a green bar :smoking:
  11. sorry man, but at least we got a good story out of it:D

    nah jk, i also go by crazylegs

  12. That sure sounds a lot like CASTRO:eek:
  13. :hello:
  14. Sounds like you shouldn't own a BB gun. Accidents do happen, but you really shouldn't have let your friend see it. My recommendation (and this is if you wanna shoot each other while wearing goggles) is to buy airsoft weapons that use plastic BBs. They sting like a bitch and can still put your eye out, but as long as you're wearing goggles and you have a tough skin, then it's all good

    You should buy heavy duty goggles if you're going to shoot it off.

    Gotta be careful dude.

    As stereotypical 1950's working class mother would say: "You'll put your eye out with that thing!"
  15. well, I hope that crazy legs doesn't ever come in contact with an actual handgun or any other firearm.

    I guess i'll share my story, a bit similiar.

    One time my friend had a BB gun and we were at our chill spot.(friends garage)
    So my other friend(retard), allowed us to shoot him in the forehead for $20. Well we lined up a pole to his head and fired through the pole. hahaha, man that was funny. He was all fucked up and had a red mark for the rest of his life.

    Good times
  16. hahahahahah this may very well be the funniest post I've seen on grasscity. that's signature material.
  17. I had a friend in a wheelchair that we called "crazy legs".. :laughing:

    At my house I have a rule about bb and pellet guns, you gotta be sober to use them.

    We've never had one injury. :hello:
  18. aw man.. that sucks.

    once.. i had a bb gun.. and i showing my mom that 'the gun didn't have bb's in their' and then i actually shot my self in the face.. 2 inch's away from my face.. kinda hurt.. rubber bb's,thank god. :)
  19. The cops are going to want to know how the accident happened. The person that got shot should sue, as well.

  20. Lol the cops arent gona do shit, the hospital wont even alert the police for something like that.

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