my friend said too much to a co-worker

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    My friends co-worker kept talking about drugs and how used to be a huge ass tweaker, and how he can get it anytime for free and shit. Then he asked my friend if he ever does drugs and my friend told him he smokes weed. My friend said He seemed cool(not cool in the normal sense, but as in the it's okay to tell him,), but he's a tweaker, and now i'm thinking it was not such a good idea to tell him.

    He mentioned if I get hurt on the job they can do a hair test. How can my friend keep his job safe from this guy getting canned?
  2. as far as i know...
    can't drug test you randomly (unless they said so in the interview), and they can immediately drug test you only if something bad happens (anything you'd have to like file workman's comp for or anything). stay safe, have your friend stop telling people he blazes, and try not to get hurt, it should be all good. :)
  3. r u for real i bet ur friend is u... but anyway ya its cool... that guy wont narc you... oops i mean your friend
  4. No it really was my friend. He's Mongolian, like me.

    Thanks for the replies, anyone else got some advice or similar situation happen to you?
  5. Your friend said he smokes weed, and you're worried about YOUR job? Right...
  6. No I'm worried about my friend. Because he would do the same to me, we're like brothers.

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