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My friend said ALL weed is laced

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bud The Spud, May 26, 2009.

  1. of course i say its a crock of shit. he said the reason skunk smells like that is paint thinners and shit and that all weed is atleast sprayed with windex while growing.
  2. Your friend is an idiot.
  3. slap your friend a good one for me, kay?
  4. haha my friend thought the same once when I was talking about growing..

    "so when do you put all the chemicals in it that make you high"
    I was like "....the fuck? you dont add anything the plant gets you stoned"
  5. Get some new friends man, intelligent ones perhaps.
  6. I think your friend was sprayed with windex while he was growing :eek:
    No but honestly the smell is natural. I have never heard of weed being sprayed with windex or paint thinner. I mean....what would be the advantage of that? lol
  7. ofcourse!

    I grow and lace my shit with windex so the the kiddies get hooked on ma shyt!

    I also put the buds in my anus for lulz
  8. I heard that weed can be laced with THC. be careful.
  9. Tell your friend to read this in front of everyone he knows, just so they know he's a tool.

    How can someone even come to that conclusion? I suppose people just spray windex on their own home grown buds and willingly harm themselves on a daily basis.
  10. Not to mention that if you sprayed bud with windex and lit it your face would likely be engulfed in a raging joint-ferno.
  11. this thread is fail
  12. Hell yeahhh , but the best way is to lace it with nicotine
  13. This happens to me all the time too!! People just cannot comprehend that Cannabis buds naturally create THC. People are really misinformed about their marijuana facts. It's no surprise there are so many people against it.
  14. yea you gotta watch out for that, one hit could get you to try other drugs or even kill you
  15. your friend is stupid lol. Does he smoke weed??? cuz if he does he needs to stop. The only time i have gotten weed that was sprayed with anything was when i first started smoking and got bud that was schwagg but spray painted purple and the fuckers said it was "purps" fucking dick heads lol sold it to me chronic prices taxed! but to the guy who said your face would be engulfed in raging joint-ferno or w/e it really didnt do anything just burnt normal... and didnt have much of a smell and a shitty taste.
  16. Gross. I was really hoping something like that would just explode upon sparking up lol.
  17. Oh yes. This is the biggest risk one takes when sparking bud... You could be getting some evil THC mixed in. Despicable chemical that it is.
  18. THIS IS HEARSAY! unacceptable.
  19. wow! thats all i gotta say
  20. *sigh*
    Uneducated people.

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