My friend playing his original song on guitar, feedback appreciated :)

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    Well, basically i'm just posting this for my irl friend as he posted his first video of him playing guitar on a video hosting site called vube (it's on youtube too, not quite as popular there though lol) but the point is he's gotten about 10k views in 2 days and he's fairly psyched about it, so i'm just trying to slowly add to the views and post it around a bit.

    Anyway, here is the link
    There is also a competition being run on vube for a cash prize for the most LIKED video. Feel no obligation to create an account and like it, no pressure, just give it a listen  :) 

    If you cbf making an account on vube just to comment, feel free to leave any feedback in this thread and i'll be happy to show him :)

    Thanks GC, happy smoking!  :bongin:
    \n\nEDIT: Just thought i'd quickly add that if you have anything you feel would be a popular video and is ORIGINAL content, fucking upload it to VUBE! It seems to be very very easy to be in the running for one of those cash prizes. so have a crack at it too lol

  2. Meh. Nothing anyone that's played for a few months couldn't write. And he shouldn't be a try-hard with the fret hand tapping above. And there's a music forum for this. Don't create an account just to spam advertise. 
  3. Are you fucking kidding me? The feedback - Appreciated, thanks for your opinion.

    As for creating an account to advertise, if you'd have a look at the threads i've started (which i KNOW you haven't) then you'd know that's NOT WHAT I'M HERE FOR. I'm just trying to help out a mate, thanks for your feedback on the music :D

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