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My friend owes me £25 and has done for a few months.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Linguistics, May 19, 2010.

  1. Your talking about a friend owing you pounds, which means your a fellow englishman, then you go on to talk about school, which just incase anyone didnt notice school in the uk ends when your 16, which puts you under 18 my friend.


  2. Errr, compulsory schooling ends at 16, there's still 6th form/ college though which ends at 18 so...not necessarily is he under 18...
  3. You find me one college/6th form student that still calls it 'school' and ill belive you.
  4. Err, my little brother, there's one little example pretty close to home...
    I'm pretty sure most of them call it 'school', I mean, I stayed for 6th form at my old school and we all still called it school.
  5. yeah i went to 6th form to, we always called it 6th form, maybe just a local thing but everyone round here does it, my bad.

    But all in all the story sounds like its about school aged children, the 'his mates are bigger than me' scenario is a bit childish.

    But hey, if it was me, i would let it slide. or maybe as he is always taking drugs get him to share the wealth a bit.

  6. in the states we call college school, cuz that's what it is...:confused:

    hell, even grad school is called school.
  7. The guy who made this topic also made a topic about how his friends make fun of him and he can't take it any more.

  8. Ahhh its a bit different over here my american cuz.

  9. Yeah for me and my friends over here it's always been the case that
    education = school.

  10. lol, trust me buddy. i know he could probably take any white man alive. :hello:

  11. ^this, my boy who got locked up owes me 100 bucks. i consider that gone forever. its not really a huge deal anyway, i make that in a week.
  12. I'd forget about that shit. A buddy of mine still owes me $30 from 3 months ago, i let it go, I don't really care to much, he's had a shitty life anyway, like his Mom's retarded, his dad walked out on him, he cuts himself, lives with a foster family and he got kicked out of 3 schools. I've known this kid for 4 years but i guess i shouldn't have trusted him. (He stole 2 grand, 200 caps, and a O of dank from a dealer that he was living with.) Oh well, i haven't seen that kid for about a month now.

  13. That's right I would go smack his jaw. :p

  14. LOL :laughing:
  15. Moral of this thread:

    Don't lend money to broke ass ni99as .
  16. A friend has another friends back when it comes to lending money (at times) no?
  17. I agree with the "just let it go" side. :p

    There are some people who are just really bad with money... They ask for people to loan them money a lot, and they're horrible at paying people back.
    I've learned the best way to maintain a friendship with people like this is just to never, ever, ever lend them money in the first place. ;)
  18. You say he cares more about drugs than his friends, and then you wanna spend the money on weed? lulz. I understand it's your money and you want it back, but if he's not really your friend and you can't convince him to pay you in other ways, I'd just let it slide. Just don't talk to him again.
  19. :mad:i recomend the adams still gotta breathe no matter how hard you are;)...or look at it as price 4 lesson on lending money:(
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    I will have Sunny from the Bronx Tale teach you a very valuable lesson.

    [ame=]YouTube - A Bronx Tale - 20 Bucks[/ame]

    Great advice IMO.

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