My friend owes me £25 and has done for a few months.

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  1. Hey GC, so the problem is that one of my friends owes me £25 that I laid him on (fronted) a while ago (probably about 3 months) and he also owes another friend £10.

    Now, he's the kinda guy with not a lot of cash, just getting by BUT I have heard that he's been smoking a lot and taking some other drugs which means he's basically valuing drugs over his two "friends".

    Me and my other friend (who he also owes money to) have spoken to him several times, asking him when he will have the money and he always says "in about a week". But, we are leaving school soon so I probably will barely see him at all (he's not a really good friend so I don't mind not seeing him too much) but I still want my £25! Especially considering I lost my wallet with some of my cash in it yesterday!

    What can I do? Any suggestions? And don't say "smack his jaw" because he's pretty hard and knows a lot of hard people too :confused:.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. get harder and smack his jaw

  3. Exactly.
  4. Plus all his buddies? Don't bother posting pointless shit.
  5. sorry, you didnt mention you have no friends..
  6. Your "friend" won't give back money you lent him? How is he a friend? Either do work or get someone who can, but don't end up like a punk.

  7. big L would go smack his jaw. you aren't getting paid back, if you will admit online you won't do shit, he's already got the impression you're a 'punk' and is keeping your money.

  8. Please notice how I put "friend" in inverted commas.
  9. I mentioned that he has a lot of HARDer friends and me and my friends wouldn't even stand a chance. Also, do you seriously think that just because I beat him up I will get my money back? I've already told you that the guy doesn't have a lot of money, so what are the chances that he will have £25 on him? Next to zero.

    You all seem like very aggressive and hormonal young men. Are you sure you're all 18?
  10. lol
    quite sure
    you got that from 2 sentencs eh?
    maybe if you learned to stand up for yourself.. or not lend shady individuals money, you wouldnt be in these situations.
  11. Yeah, just from two sentences :D.

    The problem is that he used to be a friend when I lent him the money and how can you not understand after I've told you multiple times now: He knows hard people AND is hard.
  12. Just forget it and move on. Who gives a shit? It's just money.
  13. Since you have already stated you ain't throwing down with him then your options are limited. You can ask him for the money, again:rolleyes: Be PERSISTENT. If he says "next week" ask him what day specifically and let him know you need it and you'll be expecting on the day he says. Then make sure you're on him that day.

    Or you could just call it a loss and forget about it
  14. Thanks for the advice, I( shall be on his case this week and next, really don't wanna call it a loss.

    But that £25 could = a tasty eighth :)
  15. My friend has owed me $150 for the past 3 or 4 years. Idc. He'll pay me eventually. I guess he just needs a job.
  16. I got a buddy that owes me $240+Interest. Has owed me for.. 3 months. Really thinking about smacking him around for it.
  17. its only 25, I'd just let it slide
  18. if you cant let it go
    "smack his jaw"

    but i learned money dont mean shit
    get big or get chill
  19. If he's a goon, I wouldn't be expecting to see your money back to be honest, if he's not then just keep annoying him about it and he'll give it to you eventually...that's always my strategy...
  20. asking politely 'Please could i have my money back?" wont do jack shit. honestly, if you're gunna get him to give it u back, go with a few of your tougher friends. Just because he knows people and is kinda tough doesnt mean he can go around jacking money of his 'friends'

    if you act scared, hell automatically think "this guy wont do shit..." but if you walk up to him confident with your mates, itll work alright i think. or you could get his phone instead.

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