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My friend needs your opinnion

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ducky2027, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Hey city..


    My friend mike hasn't smoked in 3 weeks. His parents DT him occasionaly.

    He tested clean wednesday. He wants to smoke before a get toegether next tuesday.

    Im guessing sense he hasn't smoked in 3 weeks like 5 hits hell be fried.

    How long after tuesday should he test clean?
  2. tell him to just boof the hits and he should be fine by the time he's tested.
  3. I think there are lots of factors. Is he a big guy? Is it one of the home kits or a lab test?
  4. hes 5'6
    weighs about 115

    and its a home test.
  5. if your body is clean of thc, and if he is average weight, a few small hits should get him blazed, and i have read a hit or two in a clean system can be out of your system in a weekend, but I would give it a week just in case.
  6. AWW frank.

    my friend whos blazin with me. read your sig and DROPPED MY BONG!!!!!

  7. Boof the hits? Ive never heard of the word boof, please enlighten me.
  8. Boof is short for 'Boofer'. You smoke, fart in his face, he gets high. Just like in South Park.:smoking:
  9. That shits fucked up.
  10. Yes sir, it is. But it would be awesome if some newbie tried it out.
  11. Fuck the tests. SMOKE WEED FOR LIFE
  12. If it's a home test (and by home I mean a piss-in-the-cup-dip-in-a-stick test then he should be fine smoking as much as he wants, all he'll have to do is drink large amounts of water on the day of the test (4-5 glasses every hour for 4 hours before the test, and 6 glasses before the actual test. Probably don't need that much, but I like to be sure).
  13. Ahh yes, because that is SO helpful to the topic at hand :rolleyes:

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