My friend just killed someone.

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  1. No, this is not a troll thread. A pretty good friend of mine and former co-worker allegedly killed some guy that I used to play poker with Friday nights.

    Don't know what to think yet. I guess it's all just sinking in that I'll never see either one of these people again.

    This disturbs me.

    That will be all.
  2. Is there a news report? Why'd he kill him?
  3. Damn, that beats my day. One of my good friends broke the rib of another, but damn. Murder? Shit. What were the circumstances? Feel free to be as vague as possible lol.
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    damn thats some fuked up stuff.....details?

    one of my friends killed a married couple.....he rolled um up in a carpet and burned them with this other dude as an accomplice...this was about 2 yrs ago tho...i was pretty taken aback.....

  5. ??????
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    Pointless post! 420!

  7. shut up man
  8. ^chill he's right, stfu if you aren't gonna fill us in on some details..
  9. thats crazy man. one of my best friends from growing up stabbed 4 people and killed one. He just snapped one day at a party all drunk. people were making fun of him for farting and he got slapped in the face fer yelling at a girl, he left and came back stabbed those people and ran and turnd himself in.

    its a tough thing to deal with. being his close friend was wierd everyone turnd to me asking why would he do that. i couldnt answer i didnt no why. it was a lot of stress. and as awkward as it is, i havent written him yet. idk if i should. hes a murderer you no? but still my friend. its tough to talk about with other people, some people just talk pure shit but at the same time i agree with them cuz its fucked up. i was friends with all the people stabbed too and the one killed. i was the person that introduced him to some of those people. its a terrible feeling because i wasnt at that party that night and he invited me, if i had gone we wouldve left together and i wouldve smoked with him and calmd him down and he wouldnt have gone back and stabbed those people. Its a feeling of "if i was there it wouldve been different" but thats just how i feel.

    that shit affected me tho. i tripped on acid that night instead of going to the party. finding out all that shit trippin balls.. my world was very scary. he was a person i saw everyday most of my life and now hes a murderer. shits crazy man.

    [ame=]Multiple stabbings at Bristol party - YouTube[/ame] news report.

  10. I would -rep you if I had that power.

  11. yeah, theres been a few times when i wish i had that perc.......
  12. they talked about this on bob & tom when it happened lol
  13. Thats deep.
  14. Crazy shit man, thank god its not something you hear everyday on grasscity!
  15. OP, I feel for you man. That's a hell of a loss. THIS HIT is for YOU brother!
  16. Shit things are getting intense.. I hope your doing alright though man. keep ya head up
  17. dang, people are crazy.......

    the fuck is wrong with this world...... smh
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    Aren't you supposed to get banned for that shit now?
  19. I'm not linking a news report as I illegally cultivate cannabis and it damn near pinpoints my location. However, details can be had without a news report.

    We'll call the alleged killer Tom. Tom was married to "Sandy" for a while and they lived together up until a couple weeks ago. They were going through a divorce which was just finalized about a week ago. She threw Tom out and he moved in with his new girlfriend - and she moved in "Bob" who was her ex-bf and baby daddy - whom she only recently had a restraining order against.

    Tom broke into Sandy's house and killed Bob. He then proceeded to rape Sandy. He loaded Bob's body into the vehicle and abducted Sandy and Bob's 20-month old daughter. This led to a police chase in which he eluded the police, and was arrested later at his mothers house. The body was found in a different location - rumor has it in a corn field.

    Tom now faces preliminary charges of murder, rape, criminal confinement and indimidation.

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