My Friend Is Soo Stupid.

Discussion in 'General' started by AleR, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. So today I was really high and I saw my friend and he was driving me around and he always smokes spice witch does absolutely nothing.
    And he's like you should buy some spice then I said no ill buy some weed. Then he calls me stupid for wasting $20 on weed he's the stupid one for wanting to spend $20 on something that does nothing.
    So po'ed rite nao.
  2. Wait, this thread has something to do with a witch? I'm so puzzled
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    Re-read, wish I didn't.
  4. What witch?
  5. The wicked witch,

    But seriously, that spice shit fries your brain
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    I remember I saw a documentry on spice and there was a case where a boy smoked some and tripped out so bad he thought cops were after him and he shot himself in the face with a shotgun. That shit will do crazy stuff to you man

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  7. I smoke sugar, spice, and everything nice. And occasionally a little chemical X
  8. ^^ OMG I know where's that from! 
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    Dont hate on him, OP..  He just spent too much time on the planet Arrakis.
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  11. If it does nothing to you, I don't understand why my idiot friend who takes it basically acts like he's in a coma when he's smoked it. He sits there with his head down, not physically being able to speak, and when he does speak he sounds like he's REALLY drunk. Not to mention his eyes go red as fuck lol.

    Regardless, that shit is a waste of money.
  12. explain to him that if he keeps smoking that bull shit then he eventually won't be able to get high period. but he'll probably just tell you you're dumb and wrong if he's that stupid.
  13. Tell him it'll make his kidneys explode
  14. Spice is god knows what sprayed on god knows what and does tremendous damage to the lungs.
  15. It does something but it's nothing good.  Don't do spice.  I feel I'm a worse man for ever smoking that stuff.
  16. Just buy the shit.

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