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my friend is so naive

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by twitchydude420, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I was texting my friend about him buying his first ounce and I told him he should buy a scales first. Guess what he said after I told him that?
    He said that there would be no point in buying a scale because nobody would try to rip him off on an ounce!

    It surprises me that someone could be so naive after smoking for three years! I was at a loss for words.:rolleyes:
  2. Be the good friend and don't let him do it! When your buying that much it becomes harder to eye ball it, and they could easily rip him of 3 grams without it being that visible...
  3. Step 1 you buy scale let him buy O then weight it and be like suck my balls you got jipped.... thengo get the rest of your weed back at all costs

  4. I can't really do anything to stop him, he's a stubborn son of a bitch.

  5. No, he tried being the good friend and told him to get a scale.
    Now he gets to sit back and watch him cry when it actually happens.

    OP, you'll be able to say you told him so if it happens haha
  6. You should probable get it then give it to him.

    He doesnt seem ready to by an OZ if he cant almost eyeball 1.

    Besides he should have had a scale before hand.
  7. [quote name='"twitchydude420"']

    I can't really do anything to stop him, he's a stubborn son of a bitch.[/quote]

    Well with stubbornness often comes cockiness, so offer to go on the deal with him and afterwords whip out a scale and say, if it's at least 28, I'll smoke you up, but if it's not you smoke me up.
    Then enjoy a nice free toke.
  8. No one will rip him off? I hope not, but that is ignorant of him. Whoever is selling him an ounce should have a scale, if they don't they shouldn't be dealing. It's pretty difficult eyeballing exactly an ounce...

    If he finds out it isn't an ounce, he'll learn from experience. If it happens, maybe he'll learn to buy a scale or ask to see it weighed. He'll learn somehow.

  9. Ill probably buy a scale so he can see if he's been ripped off, I've been meaning to get one anyway. But if he gets ripped off I wont be risking my neck to get his weed back
  10. The dealer should just weigh it out in front of him? Theres no need to buy a scale if you just ask the dealer to weigh it out in front of you. Thats not rude either, its business.
  11. Oh I forgot to mention that he's probably getting it from a middle man which drastically increases his chance of getting ripped off IMO.
  12. wow. people will rip u off for like any amount of weed tbh. once i bought an eighth, took it to my buddies house, we smoked a bowl, weighted the rest and it weighed out to 2.4. The bowl was .4 max, got shorted at least .7. lets just say that was the last time i buy from that guy without seein the shit on the scale.
  13. Tell him if he gets ripped off, not to bitch about it.
  14. Guess what? It takes me about 2 seconds to make it so my scale says this 1.6grams weighs 2grams... :smoke:

    Get your own scale or you'll be scammed.
  15. May I ask his the logic behind his reasoning? Cause I'm extremely curious and can't figure it out.

    He has to have a reason for thinking that...

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