My friend is running away from it all.

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    So a couple of months ago I made friends with this kid who is now a sophmore in high school, yeah hes young but hes a cool kid. Well the week I started hanging out with him his mom had died, and he was really depressed. Well hes had a rough life and his family expects him to be great and do amazingly in school, but he just can't satisfy his dad.

    Well he called me and we talked about him running away, which I was strongly against, but apparently hes been sleeping in a park, and at a abandoned train station thats pretty far off into the county. He says his life is a hell and he cant live with his dad, and as much as I want to tell him to man up, hes had a harder life than anyone else I know.

    I told him if he was that committed to leaving his family, that he could crash with me, because I rather have him safe and secure then in the middle of nowhere were anything could happen. But I don't know if that was the right thing to say, this kid could have acomplished alot, but he has been doing worse in school, and hes very depressed, and says he has trouble focusing and gets really short bursts of anger.

    He now wants to give up going to college and getting a good job, and told me his #1 priority is to move out and into his own place, and have a decent job untill he can have a family of his own.

    Me and my friends want to stage an intervention but were not quite sure what to say, like "you could do better" I want to really make him understand that he can make it through.

    I really need your help blades, but more improtantly my friend needs everyones help.
  2. That sounds like hes in a terrible situation man, my heart goes out to your friend.:(
  3. damn, hard situuation. tell him to take it to court and get emancipated, then he is legally his own guardian and can do whatever the fuck he wants.. at least his parents wont "own" him anymore. keep supporting him, refer him to a guidance counselor if he sincerely needs help
  4. tell him to man it up for 2 more years, theyll go by fast specially once he gets his license, then when he goes to college itll be a all around party with the guys really, just go to a party skool then he can move in with friends his own age.. idk im fuckd up1
  5. if he really cant live with his dad then let him crash with you, but tell him he must maintain a B average or something, that way he can still do good in school and make a good life for himself, but not have to worry about the distraction of his dad.
  6. Shit dude let him crash with you for a while and that will make it easyer to talk to him about getting his life back on track.
  7. I agree with this.

    And it sounds like he really needs some therapy, too.

    You and your friend have my prayers, man. :(
  8. dude hate to be a debbie downer here, but the first thing that came to my mind when i read that was, dude this guy is gonna get charged with harboring a runaway! lol so be careful in helping the kid.

    hope you can indeed help him! :wave:
  9. I think you should talk with the dad about what's going on with him. you could be able to get him some counseling or something if he really needed it. maybe his dad could support him untill he held down a job long enough to support himself.
  10. If he wants to have a family and support them, he's gonna have to keep school up or its only going to get harder.
  11. I don't have a comment about your friend, but I want to steal your username :devious:

    Awesome :hello:
  12. I dont get his username...what does it mean?
  13. You could tell the school, I'm sure they have people trained to deal with this kind of stuff.

  14. FortyTillFive


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  15. I don't think it's a good idea to tell the school, those counselors don't know shit.

    You might consider telling him about dual enrollment. It's where you go to a community college for your junior and senior years of high school, instead of high school. Its just like college, which might take some pressure off because he wouldn't have to go to school every day, only when his classes met.

    Plus, he wouldn't have to do all that busy work shit that teachers in high school want you to do... if he's as smart as you say it might be easier. Plus, it could relieve tension between him and his dad, because he's going to college early, making a future.

    Not to mention it is free, and counts for both high school and college if you organize your classes correctly.

    Also, some careers that are easy to get into...

    Radiology, sonography, nursing. Most of those are two or three year degrees from a community college, and if he does dual enrollment, he could be making 30-40 thousand bucks a year when he's 19. That's plenty to support him.

    Also, I've been in a similar situation... I don't know about him, but it bugged me how everyone made a huge deal out of everything I did. Encourage him in his ambitions, and be careful what you say to the dad, that could cause some serious trouble at home.
  16. He should go for it, nothing like backpacking around hitching rides and sleeping outside with your dog, dude. I left my home when I was young, so have a lot of kids. There's a real ton of hippy Family kids just traveling around - it's not a bad life


  17. Ohhh haha thats pretty sick. i didn't get it.:smoke:
  18. Ok, so as far as telling the school, thats honestly a stab in the back that would get him more pissed and sad.

    I've met his dad and he seemed pretty cool until I actually got to know him, and as much as I like the kid, that guys dad is a dick. If I told him he would make my friends life twice the hell.

    Emancipation, I don't really understand besides you're your own guardian or w/e. But I don't see how that makes a difference.

    Right now Im leaning towards letting him crash with me, because Id rather have him have a place to stay and not have to travel around by himself and be lonely, and he could get kidnapped or some shit. Who ever said the B average thing was pretty smart, I like that idea, like tell him hes gotta have a C average, if he wants to crash, and a B if he wants to toke, and an A to party, I understand letting the kid party and smoke isn't the best idea, but hes doing it anyway.

    And as for the username. FortyTillFive mean 4:20. Like how people say its quarter till five but its forty till five.
  19. Word. Good luck with everything.

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