My friend is getting us...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by whats_marihuana, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. 3 dimes FREE by friday. :]

    And from what I understand, half an O for $35.

    anyone else gettin any sick deals lately?
  2. My friend sold his 3 footer acrylic bong to me for $15
    I guess that's a sweet deal.
  3. Just grabbed from a new connect. $312.5 per oz, was grabbing about the same quality from another guy for $325 so a better deal none the less.
  4. Kinda new to buyin, so maybe I'm wrong, but is an "onion" an ounce?
    I really can't think of anything else it could be...

    if so I can get one for $130. :]
  5. should be an ounce. and if it is 130, I have to wonder what the quality is unless your in canada or dealing directly with the grower :)
  6. I'm not in canada, and I have no idea if he grows, so it's probably schwag, which is why I want to get a gram or two first to see if it's even worth it.

    I could still give it away... thats alot of... donations...
  7. Bit of free homegrown
  8. this wasnt recently, more like a year ago. My buddy's cousin was dealing at the time and he always had killer weed, like always straight dank, still the best bud ive smoked to this day. He used to get ounces for 90 or 100. I think it was because of the family connection of course, the cousin knew the grower personally and he'd buy in huge amounts, like 5 pounds at a time.

    oh and the bags were always like 2-3 grams more than an ounce
  9. I pay $45 for a quarter now. Quality outdoor, grown organically. Doesn't look very pretty but it gets the job done. Only complaint I have is the pruning could be better and you usually get a couple sparse buds per pack.

    Not bad, considering I've been seeing prices edge up around me lately. My buddy paid $235 for an ounce in the past year. Before that, we wouldn't even consider paying $200 let alone $235 for an ounce, no matter the quality.
  10. 20 grams for 40 bucks :) :hello: cant waiit friend cousin gets free stuff from new york :) suppost to be good bud also ;)
  11. damn wtf man. i geta half for 80 of some bliggity black man herb

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