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  1. I have this one friend I was reall close to but don't see him a lot- the past 8 months or so he has started to take up all these extreme causes which he them preaches about but if you ask him a question you realise hew barely knows a thing about ti (I've realized on FB where he post all these links he has usually only read the head line and first few sentences)..most of said cause are environmental and I'm for helping the enviorment but not everyone can go extreme about it and them he gets mad at people about it. This also pisses me as he hasn't held a job in the 3 years I'v known him- he's 25 - at first I didn't think much of it as the economy is so bad but after a year I realised he wasn't even looking. He pesters his parents about buying expensive organic foods and he some how gets them to give him about $100 at least a week for weed (probably 20 or 40 at a time) It's just really started to piss me off he acts like no one is good enough if they shower daily and can't afford a natural food supply...but some of it's kind of dangerous and health concerns.
    on earth day he posted about how he'd only taken 20 showers in the past year and done 5 loads of laundry (though I suspect his mom tossed in a few). Modern people tend to forget that in the past there were skin diseases and other stuff connected with not bathing and even pre-industrial/tribal societies usually have some natural way of bathing. So I sent him 3 links about how to bathing with small amounts of water -one as low as a quart. He thanked me and said he'd read them later but I know he didn't. Washing even every couple days with a quart of water is far better than just taking a regular shower every 2 weeks (and may use even less water -I don't wanna do the math) today I see he is on about cell phones and not just the potental for cancers some worn about but there is some (i don't know how valid) evidence they are damaging bee populations. I personally think people should use them less-mine is mostly for urgent and emergency things and I got serious medical issues and elderly parents who aren't well so I need to keep it. but saw he put this on one friends wall just now..and he had issues with her before about his half backed politics (she knows A Lot and Very Informed about politics)...

    something like - Mel I hope you don't have a cell phone any more or we can't be friends because I care more about having bees than you....

    WTF:confused:...I'll probably get one next she also has serious medical issues (even getting a wrist tattoo to inform paramedics if she's passed out) so she needs to keep hers too.
    this boy is luck his parents cater to his so- I love him but he needs a kick in the butt...even when he was all talking about wanting to go start a commune (which he expected his dad to buy the land for) and I asked about what research he'd done to get it started as I thought he wanted too for real - he said none again sent him a link form a friend...but he just thinks you can go set on the land and it will magically have a plentiful supply of organic food and weed and shelters (or you be fine just sleeping in tents or under trees and no problems with waste disposal (even if you compost everything properly -it's Work and you have to know how to do it properly)

    ok sorry thats long -I had to get it out- if ther is a more specific place for ranting here please let me know/
  2. So what is it you're asking us, is your friend a douche? Yes, he is a giant douche
  3. Tell him your darkest secret.

  4. ^^^^ this
  5. Sounds like a really annoying person to hang out with.
  6. yeah - I was already hanging with him less and less for other reasons- think this may sadly be the end. like his gf though so that sad - how he's kept her idk - he used to be so cool- smoked my first joint with them
  7. People change man.

    I don't see any harm in what he's doing. Honestly, it just sounds like he's on a personal 'mission' to better himself and the people around him, although, he may not have taken the best approach about it. At least he's trying. I know what you mean though, I don't take much of a liking to the "All green" people but I tolerate them.

    Maybe it's just a phase for him, regardless, you should help him pull his head out of his ass. Tell him the reality of it and see how he takes it.
  8. Sounds like a spoiled brat. 25? You kidding me? Way too old to be living off daddy's money (and buying weed with it). Lol at the commune idea, he basically sounds like a kid with a lot of dreams and fantasy's and no real understanding of them or the ability to act on them. It probably is a phase, but I wouldn't hang out with him anymore.
  9. pop a cap in his ass

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