My friend is fucked

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  1. So a few months ago, one of my best friends got caught with six pounds. To restate:

    At nineteen years old, he got caught with SIX POUNDS. The DEA followed the packages from the airport for months until they decided they had enough evidence to send him away for a long, long time, and then busted him. He refuses to rat. They're threatening him with up to 14 years in federal prison.

    It makes me want to cry, thinking about it. He's a great kid, smarter than just about everyone around him, and I fucking hate to think that the government is going to fuck up his entire life over weed. He quit smoking and is getting certifications for computers now that will allow him to get a good job. I know there's no magic way out for him. I don't know if I'm just looking for sympathy here or what. Is there anything I can do for him? Anything else he can do to get the court to reduce his sentence?

    Has this ever happened to anyone else? Has anyone seen this happen to a friend/dealer/relative? What happened to them?
  2. it sucks man maybe by the grace of god weed will be legal before his sentence is up and he'll get out early...but fuck that sucks. I've dealt with pounds before by thank god I never got busted cause that woulda ruined my life.
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    It's so fucked up that they're willing to send someone away for weed longer than they would a rapist. Isn't it?

    We have a wonderful country.;)
  4. at 19 he was smuggling pounds of MJ through airports? Wow, not too smart, and no way is it SEASONED.
  5. damn im kinda following u around or our minds think alike. But like u said hopefully he will be let lose after they legalize it before his sentence is up
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    On second thought, at least he wasn't in another country and being locked up abroad. Our jails are better than most.
  7. Sounds like what he did was stupid, but either way that sucks man, if he rats he can get a reduced sentence and everything will turn out better, if I were him, I'd rat.
  8. Seasoned pot heads think a lot I suposse.

  9. Damn right son....Do work!!!
  10. I bet you couldn't get your hands on 6 Lbs even in Cali, yet you will call this guy out on not being seasoned?

    I don't think anyone ever said he was smuggling pounds through air ports, just the pick up guy..

    Marijuana wont be legalized by the time his sentence is up, this is why you should write your senators and congressmen.
  11. You have to do a lot of thinkin' if you wanna be seasoned. It doesn't come easy.:p
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    Can you give us more to the story please, well if you know it..

    Edit:from what you typed it sounds like he just got caught with it outside of the airport and he wasnt the one who actually smuggled it?
  13. thats hurt man, they should make a movie about this starring will smith
  14. it won't matter if bud becomes legal by the time of his court date, he got arrested when it was illegal and theirfore what he did is illegal.

    that's really shitty dude, i wish your friend lots of luck and hopefully gets out easy
  15. no you don't... i know tones of retards who can get way more weight than me. They are also like 35 years old and 300 lb's each, they don't fuck around and aren't doing this because they all got degrees in political science.
  16. That's exactly it. He knew the top guys, but he was nowhere near their level in terms of his part in the trafficking. He just picked it up from the house and brought it to them.

    And yes, he will be grandfathered in, even if weed is legalized.

  17. This is true unfortunately :(
  18. I know right? Some people are doing less time for rapes, or even KILLING a person. its a fucked up system we have :(

    no one said moving weight makes you seasoned ;)
  19. Anyway, dude, i hope they decide to take it easy on your friend. Has he had any previous offenses?

  20. Where do you think the "seasoned" smokers get the herb from or any one else for that matter?

    people who aren't seasoned? They don't know crap about pot but they spend more money on it than you do on your house mortgage per month.

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