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my friend is awesome

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by das müffin mann, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. ok my friend matt stopped by for a while (he sells me my pot, but he is not a dealer) the first thing he does is sit down at the kitchen table and whips out this ounce of California lemon. then he's like "ya im starting to get sick of this stuff so we gota smoke this" with in seconds my bong was out and filled with ice, about two bowls in and 3 freezee's later i realized he had rolled about an 8th and a half into a joint (we threw a half 1/8th in of our shit to chip in) well we smoked the shit out of that, and they we went to go watch Detroit rock city, about 20 min's into the movie he turns to me and says "dude go get two pipes" and i asked why we needed two pipes and he said "cause we could be higher" so about 4 bowls, a pan of brownies and a movie later he took off and i passed out. well i woke up this morning to find a little present waiting for me, he left me a half 1/8th, needles to say this guy is fucking awesome:yay::bongin::love:

    all in all we smoked about 2 grams more than a quad that night
  2. ahha thats crazyy
  3. Damn that is pretty sick. Needs to be more people like that haha.
  4. wow, sounds liek you guys had a blast but I can't help think what a waste of weed that all was. But hey if he wanted to get rid of it....
  5. well for him it's not a waste, he goes through about an ounce a week since he broke up with his ex, its not because he's sad, it's because now he has the extra money to spend:D
  6. Dude, I want a friend like that. I love people who love lovin' with the greens.

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