My Friend is a moron

Discussion in 'General' started by p_squared342000, May 27, 2006.

  1. I'm a senior in HS right now and we have a pretty damn good team. my friends Cito is our first baseman. he's a good hitter, but is a great defensive player, probally the best in our league.

    anyways, he gets caught going to school drunk yesterday. the driver got pulled over at a click it or ticket stop, and Cito reaked of alcohol. so he gets sent to the baracks.... bla bla bla, no one finds out and is simply late to school. (note: he goes to a vocational school about 20 miles away from our school). he gets to play yesterday and has a great game in the win.

    onto today. same exact shit. he gets to school, drunk, again. this time, the cops come to school to alk to him and the pricipal, and finds him loaded. this time he gets arrested and possibly might not graduate. he gets kicked off the team, so now my slow ass has to play first and hope nothing difficult comes my way
  2. Bah! I hate it when they think restricting someone from activities will do them good. They shoulda told him to concentrate on what he likes doing = baseball, to help him not drink.
  3. well, Cito is an amitted alcohalic and he's only 18. seriously, getting drunk two mornings in a row is screwed up. i could never drink in the morning, unless of coarse its a continuation

  4. Yeah and I really dont see the point in going to school drunk, its like a total waste of alcy. Save your liquors for when you got time to be beligerent and not give a fuck!
  5. Tell that kid to take it easy.
  6. dude senior year i woke up drinking and drank myself sober into the night.

    i had that shit in my coffee thermos, one small one for classes, one huge one in the car for refills.

    everyfucking day, it was so cliche how the football players owned that school. especially the ones that made good grades.

  7. right, i got drunk in the morning once and it fucking sucked. Just having to sit there all quiet and everythings all spinning and i just wanted to run and yell haha.

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