My friend is a dick.

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  1. So a few days ago me and a friend did some work for a friend of my family, she gave us $20 each, my friend is like "Dude lets get an eight!"

    Now I had to leave right that minute and my friend has a problem of smoking my weed when I'm gone so I wasn't about to fall for that shit, instead I tell him to go buy two dubs that way we don't have to worry about dividing it up later.

    So I go about my business, come back and my friend is at my house as usual and he's all "Look what I got!" and he pulls out this big ass bag of trimmings, no buds in it at all. I ask him where my dub is and he says he spent both our 20s on the big bag of trimmings.

    At this point I called him retarded and told him I didn't ask for fucking trimmings. He argues that "It'll still get you high! Chill man!" Now, here is what I find funny. My friend claims to be a "Pro smoker"

    Yeah, a pro smoker that got conned into trimmings.

    Even worse he doesn't think he needs to pay me back, he thinks he's totally justified in what he did. So naturally I'm pissed, even several days later and he tries to get pissed at me trying to be all "Drop it!" and I can't get his dumb ass to understand that he spent my money on something I didn't ASK FOR.

    So yeah. Then he gets the bright idea that he's gonna make the trimmings into joints and try to sell them, Until I find out apparently half of them are missing and he doesn't know where they went. I think he just smoked them personally.

    I swear if I hadn't known this guy for five years I'd break his knees.

    Well thanks GC just wanted to vent.:)
  2. Thats bull, it might be only 20 bucks but these are the kinda things that really get under my skin.
  3. You shouldn't have let your friend buy for you in the first place.

    But I guess you've learned your lesson. Better luck next time.
  4. hmmm...well how much trim was it?? it should have at least be around 6 grams. and did u smoke it? did it get you high?:confused:
  5. what. the. FUCK!?!? is your friend named devin??

    this is devin behaviour.

    again, what. the. fuck. dude what the fuck do you let this moocher thief into your fucking house?!!?

  6. Yeah, I learned my lesson. Trust no one.

    And in response to Bongin, I know I read about that Devin guy, that's what spurred me to post this story, I put up with him because I've known the guy for five years and he's sort of a decent person at times. But still after that shit he's not getting any more of my weed, or my money for that matter.

    Didn't smoke any of it, I didn't want any part of his fake ass weed. I just want my money. Oh and two more funnies about my "Pro smoker" he claims to be such an epic drug dealer and so street smart, you know how many of his fake as trimming joints he's sold? NONE!

    And dude did smoke some of the trimmings he's like "Man I smoked two of these joints and that shit FUCKED MY WORLD UP!"

    Pro smoker my ass, am I the only one that thinks my buddy is all talk?
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    its funny because the devin i knew used to work for my mom for like $10 an hour.

    its uncanny how much this kid relates to devin i wouldnt be surprised if it just was him lol.

    there is a new disease going around called the "devin syndrome"

    hehehe kick him out..
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    Yeah, I read your story about that "Devin" guy too. He sounds like a total bitch, but you stated in that thread "he only got half a joint Why not let the kid have it? You said he has weed maybe once every 3 months. Sure, he did a very shitty thing to you, and he only wanted a little bud to get by, what's the harm in it? The only thing that I dislike about your whole situation is he stole the weed. I don't know, maybe this T-break is making me soft, but I would have given it to him, shown him some genorousity and MAYBE he would have felt bad enough not to steal next time, but to ask first.

    edit: You also said he showed up the next day with a joint to smoke with you? He was trying to make up for his mistake and you shunned him. Sounds like you're the dick to me, IMO.
  9. Your friend is very stupid. Why did you give him your money though? You know how he is. Heh.

  10. This. :confused:
    It seems like you already knew he was untrustworthy, I wouldn't have given him any money in the first place.
    I'd give up on trying to get the money back and just think of it as a lesson learned. :confused_2:
  11. What do you mean by trimmings?

    Do you mean like undried bud or just stems and seeds?
  12. well i never said he got half a joint at all, it was less.

    and if you are too much of a bum to get your weed, dont fucking steal it.. it doesnt matter how much. that is just fucking low..

    well IMO i gave him the most chill punishment, i dont want fucking thieves in my house bro, so i let him get the fuck out.

    if think i should have forgave him, then guess what, he would be stealing little bits of herb from me again, the way he was it was VERY fuckin hard to tell that he was stealing at all.

    that is why i know he cant be trusted, when someone is so untrustable that they hang around for years, while they steal your shit, and you dont even know it.

    yeah he only wanted a little to get by, but that little amounted to a pretty good sum over the years which he will never pay back.

    i dont think you read my story very clearly or something idk
  13. Your the stupid one...

    There will be people like this threw out your whole life, I 100% agree with you that
    this guy sounds like the biggest jack ass in the world. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HANGING

    You have to look into people a little more and maybe choose your friends more wisely. I would have never trusted such a stupid ass person in the first place.

    "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."

    Should have realised who you were dealing with wayyyy before bro. Sorry for your loss but it's your own fault.
  14. When life gives you trimmings, just make hash. :devious:

  15. This ^^
  16. pretty much this.

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