my friend has some fire ass dank

Discussion in 'General' started by NYYstateofmind, May 25, 2009.

  1. and we need a place to smoke it an chill, any ideas. im short on money but i can come up with a couple of dollars
  2. a park? a house? a place where no one is? the woods? your car even?
  3. woods? baloons tied to chair?
  4. go to a big park or something theres one by me that has acres of woods and paths and most ppl stay on the paths so run off in to the woods, just an idea ...
  5. well he just bought a track, he's not trying to smoke a blunt, just a few bowls. and we want to chill there. we dont need a place to smoke. just a place to hang out at. keep them comming i appreciate it
  6. bake out your car get super high
  7. I vote for the chair!

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