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  1. A friend of mine has just started growing and his seedlings stems are weak and drooping over. I am a first time grower myself and dont know what to tell him. He said he has them in 18/6 light cycle and waters them regularly, but I dont know for sure what he does. I told him he may be able to get some large toothpicks and zip ties and loosely support them. This worked on some tomato seedling I had but weed is different, so I dont know. Any opinions?
  2. Sounds like light is to far away and possible overwatering. It's hard to say without some pictures. A little more info will also help such as what kind of lighting is being used, is it soil or hydro, ect. If the stalks are getting too long you can always add more medium to shorten them so they will not fall over.

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  3. It could be a number of different things. We'd need more info, maybe pictures to, to accurately help you find any issues, otherwise we'd really just be guessing

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  4. You can take a straw and slice it open and place it around the stem and push it in the soil a bit. they are stretching for light I would guess.
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  5. He is just using the cheap incandescent grow lights. 65 watt bulb and one per plant. He has them about 18 inches over the top of the plants. He planted his seeds in 5 gallon buckets in potting soil. He waters them twice daily with a spray bottle is what he told me. He is too paranoid to let me take any pictures, lol. But I am with him now and just looked over his setup and thats what I have seen of it. I think he is overwatering too . He didnt tell me earlier that he was watering that much.

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