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My friend has a question..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by doubled0218, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Okay whats up guys, my friend is at my crib currently and was explaining to me that he likes to get high (2-3 hits, maybe a full joint) but any more then that is unenjoyable! He says that he feels zombie-like and gets really tired. He also said that he feels like he cant control his body parts and it feels like his hands are swaying or hes leaning and hes really not from my point of view. He also ZONES out and then doesnt talk at all in the smoking circle. Basically to sum it all up, he says when he smokes more then 1 joint he gets TIREDDDD.

    So yeah blades, help my friend out who's been smoking since spring of last year start to control his high :confused: because im at a loss of words.. Is it the weed or him smoking, or is it him just being the type of person that gets de-motivated?
  2. What exactly is your question? If he doesn't enjoy getting that high, then what is the problem? If all it takes is 2 hits to get where he wants.. I wouldn't consider that a bad thing..
  3. Weed affects everyone differently.. I know someone from my work who literally can't smoke weed because they start shaking and pass out.
  4. Yknow, I'm just gonna say it - The way you've worded your post kind've makes it sound as though you may be talking about yourself.
    I'm not saying you definitely are, just that if you are, what you're experiencing is nothing to be ashamed of.

    But anyways,
    Smoking/vaping weed isn't, and shouldn't be a pissing contest.
    If the person is already getting high, then that's their personal limit and they're getting these kinds of effects from surpassing said limit.
    That's all it is.
    A low tolerance isn't a problem.
  5. He's saying that he wants to be able to smoke more weed then he does. He wants to be able to enjoy being HIGHH and not being a zombie and waking up Tired the next moring..

    Im really not talking about my self lmao, i have balls so i would come out and say it if it was me, but hes sitting right here and doesnt wanna make a account.
  6. Soo, smoke less? That way he doesn't turn into a zombie?

    Why the fuck would you want to have a high tolerance? This thread is confusing.
  7. you're friend knows his limits on his high. let him enjoy it.

    and he probably doesn't talk because he enjoys listening to the conversation and the thoughts you get after smoking. its just how it affects some people.

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