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My friend got too high...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Heavy Metal, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. So I planned to have my homeboy over for a chillout session at my house, so I roll like four strong-assed joints. We hadn't smoked for two weeks, so our tolerance was pretty low.

    I'm hardly Mr. Experienced, but I've been smoking for a couple of years now, so I know the score, but I couldn't deal with this situation at all.

    We had a huge meal and get stoned on the way to my house, he smokes a majority of the joint and I don't mind at all, I grab what's left of it and toke away. Later on, we went out to the supermarket, we got stoned on the way there and back again, he smokes a good amount of both and I ask him why he was so reluctant to pass that shit. He tells me that I've always accused him of being a lightweight and that he was trying to get higher than he usually gets because he claims I get higher than him. I think what the Hell, as long as we're all stoned right?

    So we get to my house and he tells me he wants to lie on the floor because he feels weird, so I tell him to knock himself out and he lies on my floor. I'm watching some kick-ass documentary and am pretty much zoned out.

    Then the worst thing ever happens, he tells me he feels 'too high' and then proceeds to vomit on my carpet and runs to the bathroom.

    It really killed the vibe.
  2. damn i never herd of any one getting to high your boy must be a lightweight
  3. Iroooony!
  4. that sucks man!! guy was definitely a lite weight...i took a 2weeks off too and just tonite i got so og kush n 2 cottons i was barried:smoking:
  5. Damn hahaha that is some shit. You made him clean up right? Especially after he talked like he could handle it.
  6. Damn ive gotten to high to the point where i couldnt understand what anyone was sayin and i thought they all wanted to fight but ive never thrown up
  7. Haha that's a sick one like.. i'd get him right back in there cleanin' that shit up!
  8. My mum cleans for a living, so I got her to bleach my carpet and stuff. Luckily most of it hit the toilet. It was pretty bizarre because I was still high as Hell at the time and I still have a few joints left that we decided not to smoke in case his head exploded or whatever.

    Also, we were talking about it today and he mentioned that his jaw was tingling and that he got overly hot, even though I opened my window fully.

    It was still a fun night though, heh.
  9. This happens to my freind heaps, the first time it happened we shared a 1.5 gram joint between three people so potentially, .5 grams each right, and this weed wasn't even that great, but he started vomiting and feeling overly hot, now when it happens we just kinda laugh, at the start of every sesh he attends every one always says "5 bucks on jayden greening". I'm not sure if it's just our aussie slang but when people vomit, feel sick, due to weed some call it greening out.
  10. yeah, it's called pretty much greening out in america too. sometimes in my area it's called "pulling a whitey"
  11. Hahaha, well at least he tried! You gotta hand it to him.
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    it happens., :eek:

    Happened to me before, i was at school though, so i was fucked. I got too high off of nasty ass blunt wraps before my last period and damn, I was REALLY fucked (pale, sweating, shaky, feeling like i'm blowing up, and blacking out), it was woodshop so i was not about to get a limb cut off, so i just went into the classroom area and tried to go to sleep but people kept on talking to me so fascinated with by me being baked white (i barely answered or talked back).. i threw up after class all over the courtyard... then i was at my good high.

    This only happened once and i was a begginer, and i been smoking for a year
  13. wow...
    when i first started smoking that would happen to me once in a while, but not that bad. i would say i feel weird, then walk to the bathroom and puke in the toilet. not that hard. i have to say, i think i got "too high" once. also when i first started smoking. i smoked all day with my friends, then got dizzy. i told the friend who's house i was at i was going to get something to drink. i pour a glass of something, set it on the table, and fall to the floor. i passed out cold and woke up to her mom standing over me. then i smoked some more. it was all good tho, cuz her mom probably smokes more weed than me.
  14. I only threw up from cannabis once, and that's because Sir Tokes Alot (from this forum) was with me and he lit one of his hairs on fire when I told him I was sick. I had almost recovered, but the smell of that hair burning was just too much, and as soon as I smelt it, I threw up.
  15. sounds like PCP. your shits laced
  16. lolz. ur buddy got the spins, the proceeded to puke. happens when ackies try to hard.

    like devin says: "...*****s smoke, they choke, then they fart cause they hit it too hard..."
  17. Haha. This honestly just happened to me about 2 or 3 days ago...
    Me and my buddy walked from his house to pick up this stuff that was $25/eighth. So we picked up the green, then on the way back to his place we happened to stop at this kids house. He matched us and smoked 2 bowls. Then we walked to our other friend's place.
    We smoked a bowl of my stuff with him. Then about 20 minutes of sittin at his place, I started freakin out. I told them " Man im freakin, im goin outside"
    So I go outside, and just stand for a bit. I start sweating horribly. I felt the need to lay on the ground. I felt like I was going to puke. And of course! I did puke!! But hey, about 20 minutes after the puking, I felt GREAT. I never felt better :smoke:
    So yeah, it sounds like your buddy greened out. I've been called a lightweight. I know i'm a lightweight :p and it sure sounds like he is too. Theres nothin wrong with that though, as long as you're high who gives a fuck! :smoke:
  18. I Smell a....ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIE!!!!!
  19. the only times i really get nauseous when high is on mushrooms and sometimes rolls, and of course opiates. it sucks getting nauseous while you're tripping though cause you don't know if it's all in your head or if you actually are about to blow chunks. sometimes i psyche myself into thinking i'm totally not nauseous, and it really is all in my head and it just disappears.. ah the power of the mind.
  20. I had been blazing for less than a year and we were in a random gated community (none of use lived there but we had the code). We're sitting on this picnic wood table/bench in a park passing a blunt and all of a sudden I get the urge to throw up. I get up, puke, and just go back and keep on hitting the blunt. Never happened to me again, unless I was really drunk.

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