my friend got caught stealing a pair of socks

Discussion in 'General' started by Broosh, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. and he was arrested.

    and he got a bail bond release form AND a notice to appear in court form, but the officers signature and written name BOTH are blank.

    meaning, the officer didn't sign his tickets.

    what should he do? did they fuck themselves over? or does he still have to go to court?
  2. He should kill himself for his stupidity. He was stealing socks :hello:.

  3. yeah, i laughed when i heard his voicemail. bc he's on vacation in hawaii, and we live in wisconsin.
  4. I would say he should get a lawyer and fight that cos the cop didn't sign his tickets, but the lawyer might cost more than the fine for stealing socks would actually be. xD
  5. your friend is stupid for stealing socks and stupider for getting caught.

  6. I agree to the fullest.
  7. he bailed out? kinda stupid, they would have probably O/Red him.. unless he has a prior petty theft count. petty w/ a prior is a strike, if you're in any of the 3 strike states. I know a dude that got 15/life for stealing a pair of jeans from walmart, that was his 3rd strike so now he's doin life.

  8. That really sucks... the three strikes system is so fucking unfair.
  9. If you are going to steal, gank some 24 caret gold necklace or a Rolex. Not a damn pair of cotton socks.
  10. Dude, I don't know man. All my socks have vanished, and there are some reeeeaaallly fucking comfortable socks out there that I would never pay full price for.
  11. wow he got arrested for stealing socks. and i thought what I did to get arrested was stupid.
  12. he should go to jail for stupidity.

    he STOLE socks and got CAUGHT!
  13. First, why the fuck would you steal SOCKS?
    Second, how the fuck do you get CAUGHT stealing socks?

    Then again my friends cousin got caught stealing a $0.10 piece of gum from a Circle K and get like 3 months of probation, lol. I guess the moral of the story is that there are a lot of dumb people out there.
  14. Legally, he's been summoned to court, so regardless - he HAS to go.

    The Judge will probably throw it out (assuming they weren't mad expensive socks).

    But your friend is a moron.
  15. You just have to ask yourself: Will the punishment fit the crime? Stealing socks is a definite no, even if they are very comfy.
  16. Though it'll probably get thrown out, he'll still have to fly back to Hawaii to go to court.

    Those are some damn expensive socks now.

    Tell him to talk to someone familiar with the system there and seek advice.
  17. lol hahahahaha

    thats funny:)
  18. i understand stealing socks, Ive had to steal clothes for myself since forever, not everybody can rely on mommy and daddy to buy the clothes and the weed, shit lol

    tooo high
  19. Not to mention, Hawaiian people, I heard, do not like "Americans" at all. I heard they are their own society there, pretty much.
  20. its called a job. J-O-B.

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