My friend got caught sleeping in his dogs bed....

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  1. This was years ago in high-school.  This kid was a lightweight but started smoking with us a lot.  He became part of the crew.  Anyway one night we were smoking real late. This kid went home munched out a little and then passed out laying in his dogs bed.  The dogs bed was next to the couch so he chose the bed.
    Then his older brother found him there curled up laying there.
    This kid eventually got caught because we "snuck out" to smoke at my friends late-night and he decided to call his house to make sure no one was awake.  Well, the phone call woke them up and he was busted...

  2. sounds like a real winner.
  3. He was like 13 or 14 at the time. We were a year older probably 15
  4. Best story I've read this year.
    ironically, I wasn't being sarcastic.
  6. Man some of those dog beds out there are so comfortable I don't blame the kid. Those things are beter then my bed
  7. Lmao @ phoning the house to make sure no one was awake. Wow thats a dumbass move. 
  8. A friend of mine has woke up in his dogs bed a couple of times (after drinking) he's in his 50's lol

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  9. Ive pissed on our washin machine after fallin asleep drunk, i dont remember getting up. My sister said she got up to see what was the noise and saw me taking a piss, that i turned around and looked at her but kept going. Sad
  10. Im laughing my ass off about the phone thing ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416506617.416647.jpg

    *sparks blunt*
  11. Lmao he called his house ? That's rediculous...

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