my friend gets drunk, pukes on kids shoes

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    So one night I had some friends over. We did some drinking and smoked a blunt and one of my friends (fellow grasscity member munchiesman420) got particularly fucked up. We randomly went outside and sat in this guys car with some tunes going. Sitting in the back seat, this is what i saw.

    My drunk friend sitting in the passenger seat gagged and made some horrible wretching sounds, opened the car door and rolled out onto the snow, falling on his side. My other friend sitting in the drivers seat gets out and runs around the car to check on him. Watching him, i see him asking my friend if he was alright, followed by him opening his mouth and yell a naughty word. Then he sprinted to the nearest snowpile to clean his shoes. Needless to say, i laughed.
    My drunk friend would later say " I opened my eyes, saw some shoes and felt sick" That's all he remembered from the incident.

    any similar, funny stories?

  2. Shoes make me nauseous too
  3. haha. i went to an open-mat wrestling practice before this season started to see if i maybe had what it would take to hop in the season after taking my junior year off, also while toking for over a year during that break of no exercise. after going at it with a kid, i sit down and knew i was gonna puke. i try going for the trashcan and on my way puke on a freshman's shoes. i didnt give a fuck, hes a fucking freshman, and ive been toking so much that i have an excuse for puking my shit after wrestling for a while cause that shits work.

    just to toss in a drunk related story, though, this past new years, i only had my friend, his girl over and her friend. i didnt get any coz the girl passed out. his girlfriend puked in my bathroom and just put the bathroom mat (you know, for you to stand on when you get out the shower) over the puke. i didnt find it til two days later and she still denies she did it.
  4. Alright so apparently I puked in some girls purse haha. Now, I am 100% sure I didn't although I was fucking wasted so that could be why.
  5. HAHA

    That was a good night man.

    Well, not for Kyle (kid who got puked on)
  6. I'd throw up after skin grappling with another sweaty man too.

    Hopefully you didn't smell his nuts.
  7. hahaha, people are "100 %" sure about alot of things when there really drunk, usually there not right
  8. OK here's a story my friend told me, lets call him A. A was at a new years party with another one of my friends, B, and A helps B into the bathroom drunk as a flying fuck, A helps B take a piss cause B was completely gone. B then pukes on his balls, and A tries to help him clean it up then B just stumbles over, falls, and BOOM head through the wall of the shower. B didn't remember a thing about this and the shower wall to this day is unfixed.
  9. had one roomie puke on the other while he was sleeping. must have done something crazy cuz he popd a blood vessel in his eye while at it.

    couple weeks later homie got him back, got really drunk and pee´d on his bed. was all pissed but later was like ¨i just started laughing when i realized you had to go to class smelling like piss¨:)
  10. i vomitted IN my friend's mom's shoes.
    she got a nice surprise when she put them on the next day.
  11. just goes to show you that if you're busy looking out for someone else's wellbeing, your probably gonna get puked on...

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