My friend gets depressed when he drinks...

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  1. ...and I don't know what to do for him :/.

    Granted, his date made out with a random guy last night.

    He gets REALLY depressed though, every time we drink. He sits against the wall with his head down, no joke. I know some people shouldn't drink alcohol, but short of trying to make him look like a pussy and quit drinking, what can I do for him? He always worries about girls when he's drunk (in the depressed, "i'm not good enough" type of way), instead of just trying to relax and have a good time. I feel bad for the guy :/
  2. I get like this when i drink vodka. Try a different alcohol. I know i should be telling you to tell your friend to quit drinking, but really, i know you would, and i know he wouldn't, so....

    I dunno, when i drink rum i become an insane party animal and when i drink tequila....Shit just gets fucking crazy. Tell him to try something different...

    Red bull+wine
    Lemon Gin
    Straight up wine

    In my opinion all of these will make you feel different, and no 2 alcohols will make you that depressed. Tell him to switch it up, pretty much all you can do. Guy kind of sounds like a mess though.
  3. He started with beer then went to mixed drinks and vodka with the exact same result. I might confront him about it if my friends are in favor of the idea.

    Thanks for the tip though :(
  4. Why would he continue drinking then if whatever he drinks makes him depressed.
  5. I honestly don't think he realizes it. By the end of the night he's pretty trashed, his memory isn't going to add the detail that he was depressed all night. Like I said, I really want to confront him about it. I haven't been out drinking with him in a week or two though, and only know he's getting depressed from other friends.
  6. So your going to confront your friend about an issue he doesn't know is going on?
  7. That can happen. I've gotten depressed plenty of times on alcohol but then again I was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder before I ever did any drugs which was bout 7-8 years ago. I think some valium would help him when he drink honestly. That shit makes you happy to be alive. I would focus more on making sure he doesn't drink too much all the time. It'd be worse if this led him to alcoholism like i'm struggling with right now for the past 3 months.
  8. You suggest I let him be a depressed drunk? I mean shit, I do want to help the guy, but it's for me too! Him being depressed around me is a huge buzz kill. I know I said I haven't been out with him in a while, but last night I was with him at the end of the night. I had just finished smoking a blunt and was chilling with some good friends while he was there also. He would NOT stop talking about how shitty his night was. :/

    I'll look into the idea. I do want to fix this before it becomes a problem. A kid who can barely do his homework or hold his liquor now chose to pledge a fraternity. I only see bad things in the future for him.
  9. Yes, but the fact remains, as far as you've described anyways, that he doesn't know he gets depressed because he gets too trashed, so how would confronting him do any good at all?
  10. Seems to me people will show their true selfs when ther wasted. Sorry to say, but hes probably depressed all the time. Just doesn't show it when hes sober.
  11. True shit^^
  12. usually people get talkative whend rinking atleast but how you exlain it if he doesnt realize its going on then how can he change it id tell him about it and shit if it was my friend i would and i do tell them valium or w/e works for some people
  13. lol he gets depressed when he drinks? and you wonder fucking why!??! haha
  14. dude, are you fucking serious?
  15. Take him drinking and hook him up with a girl.

    I don't know that many people who are drunk and depressed while making out with a girl.
  16. I drink rum, I get depressed and belligerent.
  17. Why don't you just smoke him out one night instead of drinking and see how that goes?
  18. i have the same problem, i get really depressed 90% of the time. ( i also have clinical depression, thats why i first started toking, it made me happy)
    although i really cut down on my drinking nowadays. for the past few months ive only been drinking once a month maybe when i go out. but yea my plan now is to try new stuff, like tequilla, which ive weirdly never tried before.

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