My Friend Gave Me His Plant

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  1. ok this was just harvested yesterday and its starting to dry and has a wierd fresh cut grass smell it had a skunky/sweet/spicy smell b4 it was taken from the plant i just want to get the best smoke there is no seeds very little stem if any im not in to big of a rush for it maybe i can quick dry like 3 or 4 buds just to get me by:D

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  2. Looks pretty good man. Trim those leaves off and then follow the Curing stickys in this forum. Should come out pretty nice.
  3. to be 100% honest i think it was harvested a few weeks to early but has a decent covering of crystals i smoked some of it while it was wet and it got me high so i guess it can only go up from here
  4. Sub-par trim job...
  5. yeah i know im not to worried bout it tho those leaves have crystals tho so i can deal with leafy buds :smoking:its just cool knowing that this was an organic outdoor grow by a good friend it was a 7foot tall plant the feeling when looking at something tall like that almost has a feeling of power from the plant idk maybe im just high writing this

  6. You can make QWISO or hash out of good leaf trimmings...nobody likes leafy nugs.
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    LOL yeah dude, a 7footer would astound me.

    Dry and cure that shit properly and you'll be even more satisfied.

    For a simple, easy dry, lay it flat in a single layer on a paper in your pic (use two or three, though, 'cause you've got a lot) overnight...should be dry by morning or mid-day. Make sure the Humidity isn't very high, and that you have a light breeze running over them to assist in drying. Then throw it into some jars or med bottles. Good to go! In a week, or two or three, you should have some dank smelling/tasting product.

    Looks good from the pic. Leafy, yeah, but I'd be pretty satisfied. Even moreso with a good dry 'n cure ;)

    EDIT: @ washedmothafuka....nobody Likes leafy nugs, but some people don't mind having them ;)
  8. 7 ft around?haha that grassy smell is just the clorophyll leeching out of the plants totally normal wait at least till yur stems snap to jar it then open at least once a day till evenly dry
  9. lol nahh man 7ft tall i should be able so start curing in another day or so which im excited for cause it really killer stuff better than what flows through here on the norm so i cant wiat the flavor is already starting to come back doesnt taste like burnt tea leaves has kind of a sweet taste that im guessing that can only get better:smoking:

  10. Ohh yeah, dude...Each day of the cure is better than the one before it :smoking:

    As much as I enjoy some good tea, I hate that tea-leaf smell/taste when it comes to some herb. Yuck.

  11. it kinda has a sweet hay smell thats really mellow i like it not to strong :smoking: its at the point not where i have my more cured stuff so i have 2 batches that are a few days apart so i can have smoke and some better tasting stuff when im done with the first;)

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