My Friend Eating Cat Food

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Wolves, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. You're friend is a nasty fuck.
  2. Boring.

    My cat eats cat food every day.

    Post a video of him eating a ghost pepper. Then we'll be entertained.
  3. oh shit... thats the nasty kind of cat food too D:
  4. ok then
  5. that shit better be fancy feast
  6. When I lived with my parents and still had my doggy, his food smelled exactly like canned beef stew.

    It's still food. It's food made for animals, sure, but it's food.

    I find nothing impressive about eating cat/dog food. :p
  7. I wouldn't feed that crap to a cat! It needs to be human grade ingredients! My dog's food is mainly whole chicken and salmon! If I had to be Mad Max, I could share my dog's food! Yummy! Good for us!
  8. IDK man, I give my dog raw meat. I don't think I'd eat it.:bolt:

  9. Steak tartare? :D
  10. Just watched district 9 huh?
  11. I didn't even watch the video. Just the smell of canned cat food is nasty to me.
    Dog food doesn't usually smell horrible, not apettizing but at least not horrible like cat food.
  12. Pet food in general that comes in a can really disgusts me, lol.
  13. heck, some meat in general out of a can smells pretty nasty.

    It has thta weird nasty ass almost fake smell to it.

    Once I got this campbells soup, steak and potatoes... i thought it sounded pretty decent. opened it up, it smelled exactly like dog food. Couldn't eat it
  14. just be happy you were eating it fresh... I used to work at a grocery store, when that would come in broken and sitting for how long, with creepy crawlers. Now that was something you would not want to smell, but then again any food can be like that.
  15. made me feel sick
  16. ive seen a kid take a swig of someone's spitter they were usin for dip

    for just 20$

    SO yes I believe this kid would eat some cat food for 10
  17. [quote name='"alpharettatoker"']ive seen a kid take a swig of someone's spitter they were usin for dip

    for just 20$

    SO yes I believe this kid would eat some cat food for 10[/quote]

    I did the same thing for $5 in high school lol
  18. Someone gave me $5 to eat a couple dog biscuits.. tbh that wasnt too bad, I'd do it again
  19. I did something like that once, except it was hard, dry cat food. I walked into my friend's living room with a handful of them just popping a few in my mouth every once and a while then he says to me "Dude, what are you eating?" I'm like "I don't know dude, but these are fucking good!" pop a few more in my mouth he looks at them then says "Dude, that's cat food." i wait for a while "Oh... but they are pretty tasty..." Pop a few more in my mouth, he just looks at me funny, shakes his head and continues doing what he was doing haha

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