My friend/dealer got busted hard core...

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  1. A good friend of mine was on his way to a huge deal when he got pulled over by a K-9 unit vehicle. The dog started flipping shit so the cop searched his car.

    7.5lbs of ganja was taken and my friend was arrested. He's 18. What all could he be up against charge wise?

    I'm kind of concerned obviously...
  2. Good luck to your friend
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    With that, probably possession with intent to distribute.

    Better call Saul!
  4. He'll probably.have to do.a few years at the.least. 7.5lbs isn't small..
  5. Well, in laymen's terms, he probably fucked.
  6. You left out a huge detail. Why did he get pulled over? A cop just stops him, gets suspicious and takes the dog out? If so hes an idiot for 1) getting pulled over with 7 pounds on him and 2) not being able to act cool. Either that or he was set up. It seems to good to be true for a cop to just pull someone over and they end up having 7 POUNDS of weed. The story would make sense if he had like an O on him. Maybe he was in over his head with the weed. Either way sucks to be him.
  7. Just because he had more weight doesn't make the crime any worse. A felony is a felony and lawyers are able to take care of that shit, especially if it's his first offense. Jail time is possible but probation and drug court are probable. Lawyer up.
  8. Your friends fucked op, hope he enjoys prison food.
  9. Was thinking the same thing. Hell even back when I was flipping os to a kid ten miles from my town I made Damn sure to drive like a little old lady lol

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  10. He's fucked. Sorry man. 
  11. I don't know about the US criminal laws, but here in Brasil the circunstances are essential to determinate which charges will be hold against him.
    So, it will depend if is his first ofense, if he had any money with him, or guns with him, or even search his house for stuff related to drug distribution.
    Anyway, only his lawyers can do something to help him now.
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    7 pounds, it depends on the state and his record.
    I had a friend get raided and they got him with 5 kilos. the next day he posted bail, went to his back shed and pulled out 10 kilos he had stashed and was right back in business. needless to say he could afford a good lawyer.
  13. He's on probation already. I called him again and he finally answered. Court tomorrow. He has up to 6 years jail time. He had a minor with him. Child endangerment, possession with intent, and a felony amount. And like 4 probation violations
  14. Damn......hope he can pay a good lawyer and even then he will still cut it down to like 2-3 years probably.
  15. He's lookin at a few years in prison man. Sorry.
  16. why the fuck would you....nvm.

  17. Well atleast your friend doesn't have to worry about dropping the soap considering jails/prisons use body wash now

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