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my friend dare'd me too pop a bunch of his ritalin and..

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Never, May 31, 2009.

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    Hope you all had a great saturday GC ! :)

    PS: Yes I am incredibly stupid but i am messed up.
  2. How much did you take?
  3. Not smart.

  4. this

  5. be quiet. you're not fucked up from an add stimulant.

    go away.
  6. I have to agree.

    I snorted like 5 18mg methylfenidate pills once, it was nothing close to a "high."
  7. yea when i did ritalin i just felt twichy and shit, and the comedown was not worth it
  8. would you smoke meth if i dared you?

    just because something is legal and perscribed doesnt make it good. it actually works the other way around sometimes
  9. wow, doing drugs on a dare.
    tihs sounds pretty mature.
  10. I do get what you mean, it was stupid i have too admit seriously. But still it got me fucked up for real. I dont know how much i poped but it was enough trust me. then a dub between me and my friend of the good and abit of res hash and i was fucked up. Its like nothing ive felt before.
  11. Go smoke some h and stfu...:laughing:
  12. Rail a bump of meth and get shit done
  13. dont you have to take adderal for a couple days in a row for it to really work?
  14. Not at all. It kicks in anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour after you take it. That is, unless you snort it of course. Then, it hits rather quickly. Very similar to coke, and tastes much better.

    Adderall gives you dry mouth, and sometimes you can "feel" it washing over your body like a chill. Taking adderall and getting blazed isn't too much fun in my opinion. We all know how wild your mind will run when you're just high, so when you take the adderall it makes it 10x worse and you just get really paranoid and worried.

  15. Hahaha :laughing: ritalin... fuck that I'd rather get a ball. hollaaa :wave:
  16. Ritalin can and will fuck you up. Five 18mg ain't shit, I have a script for 52mg DAILY. Take five of those and tell me you don't feel high.
  17. lol you wish you could sleep right now
  18. Cocaine > Adderall > Ritalin > ???? > Profit?

  19. Similar, but not even the same.

    I have to wholeheartedly disagree.

  20. no snortable drug tastes better than coke!!!

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