My Friend Came Home Dead

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stevizzy, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. OK....I've had friends die before in Iraq/Afghanastan and it pissed me off. But yesterday, one of my closest friends came home in a box from that miserable piece of shit country called Afghanastan....if I spelled it correctly. I dunno about you guys, but except for some excellent hashish, that place has nothing to offer the world except misery.

    I think we need to get our troops OUT NOW. If the Taliban keeps causing trouble, we should give them 30 days notice to let all the innocent civilians get out.....THEN NUKE THE FUCKING COUNTRY!!!!! Let them rebuild their fucking desert. We don't need their Hash, nor their country. I'm tired of having MY friends come home dead. Let them die.
  2. Dying in a war has nothing to do with q whole country I live in America to but instead why not take your anger out on the government for sending them there in the first place for no reason how would you feel if a bunch of outsiders trained you because the us government trained the taliban back in the day then tried to come in your country do some research for you condemn a whole country just because your friends demise.
    R.I.P to your friend though.
  3. We need a new commander in chief.

    There's only one candidate that wants to end the wars and bring the troops home. He's also the only one who has served in the military, and has more donations from soldiers than any other candidate.
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    Thanks guys....I'm still crying about my friend so I'm a little out of it today. THANK YOU FOR YOUR THOUGHTS....he was a Navy Seal...and my best friend.

  5. Thank You
  6. Yea, i dunno about Afghanistan being misery central, we put ourselves there.... they didnt make us.... We are the cause of all of this, i dont really care if anyone wants to use the 9/11 argument, we exhausted that shit a long time ago, let alone, already killed "the person responsible" *cough cough* But, dont call a country out for being miserable, if we are the ones in their country fucking their shit up....

    Thats like if we got invaded and the home country was like dude, america, stop attacking us.... oh wait, we attacked you right

  7. I'm sorry....I lost my best friend and I'm just lashing out like a wild animal. In a few days, after his funeral, maybe I'll be myself. I'm not today. sorry

  8. Forgot to add, I am sorry about your friend man, war is never a good thing, and the loss of a life is never something we want as a result of anything. Hope your doing ok man!
  9. peace to you and your friends family..
    you should be proud of your buddy for doing what he thought was the right thing to do..

    however, nuking an entire country isn't the answer.. it will just prolong the wars and more troops and civilians will be killed.

    end the wars, bring the kids home.. and lets worry about the USA for once..
  10. Thanks....I wasn't allowed to go to Dover AFB when he came home. Security reasons or whatever. I spent last night with his parents and just cried....asking WHY? WHY?
  11. The U.S. government did not do anything intentionally wrong to Afghanistan, yet the Taliban turned on America. We gave them (Afghanis) the arms to evict the Soviets, who were invited into Afghanistan by their Socialist government. Then, we gave them millions of dollars a year in foreign aid - without asking for anything in return. We did not "take over" Afghanistan - if we had there would have been no 9/11. The Taliban was pissed off that we did not send actual soldiers to fight in the war against the USSR, so they allowed bin laden to set up his al qaeda base to attack America from there, and refused to turn him over after 9/11. They're like spoiled, ignorant children. We should have pattern bombed the hills where they were hiding, or nuked them, rather than have our service people on the ground getting injured or killed.
  12. fucking bummer dude :(

    all people hear is that we're out there killing "terrorists" and "insurgents"

    they forget that troops are being killed as well as innocent people who just happen to live in Afghanistan, or Iraq or Libya or wherever..
  13. I'm sorry guys....I hate to put myself in a position to judge other people, only God can do that. I'm just missing my buddy.....that's all, and it hurts worse than anything I've ever experienced in my life.
  14. If majority of the military disagree with on going war, why can't they just drop their shit and go home?

    Gov can't do anything about it if all went home.
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    Yes they can when you sign that contract they own you. Try leaving with out permission and you will find yourself in a military prison.

  16. And my best friend gave his own life?
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    Your friend and thousands like him are heroes.
  18. we should just leave and spend more time defending our own country than having our soldiers pointlessly die in theirs...
  19. The OP's frustration is understandable, but nuking a nation is no feasible answer. We were attacked on 9/11 because of our previous/current meddling in middle eastern affairs. Support of Israel, whilst simultaneously backing the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, overthrowing Iran's democratically elected government in 1953, and throwing our support behind authoritarians throughout the region (after bombing said nations to dust: think Afghanistan, Iraq) .. this doesn't exactly win us many friends in the region. Not to mention we have troops stationed throughout the region, and drone attacks constantly killing a multitude of civilians compared to 'terrorists/insurgents/etc', it's easy to see why we are resented throughout the middle east.

    Our nation's military is the aggressor, we have to come home now if we want to see peace restored to the middle east. Without our constant meddling, said nations would have much more incentive to sort out their own problems with neighboring nations.

  20. When you join the military you are no longer a citizen of the united states you are part of an entirely different system, they can and will arrest you and put you in prison for trying to leave.
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