My friend broke my bubbler!

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    I was furious, I still am.
    Of course,, she's buying me a new one, but what a major buzzkill.
    It was my first piece too, which boils my blood.
    I cried for like 10 minutes, forgave her, then looked online for another one.
    She fucking dropped it and it shattered all over the bathroom floor.
    She walks in with a shocked look on her face and her hand on her head. v:eek:
    Major buzzkill & party foul.


  2. I'm sorry bro, but you just gotta get over it. She's offering to buy you a new piece, which is about all that can be done. It happens. I'm sorry to hear it was your first piece, though. It's always the hardest when those break.

    I remember one time when I was smoking with my boys Dalton and Aaron. We were using Aaron's $45 hand-blown bowl named Jack Skellington (the bowl end was orange and black, while the mouthpiece was red and green) when Dalton dropped it onto a dumbell. Dalton literally started crying when he saw that it broke, but all Aaron said was:

    "Hey bro, you're gonna replace that, right?"
    "Of course bro, I'm SO sorry, I'm stupid, I fucked up, please forgive me"
    "Dude, chill out. Now hand me the pieces so I can scrape the resin"

    He was totally chill about it, and that's why he's still one of my best friends. Dalton, on the other hand, is a total moocher and an asshole, plus he never did replace that bowl.
  3. lol geez, go hit the bong, relaxe. it was a mistake right? and shes buying you a knew one right? what are you just not gonna talk to each other because of an accident thats being paid for?

  4. I hope ur a chick. lol
  5. Dont feel bad, buddy. When i went to bed last night, I was the proud owner of a Molino Mad Scientist II. This morning, I am a furious owner of many little tiny molino pieces.

    Dontcha love your friends?
  6. Well, after a few cheesy jokes with tears in both our eyes, and a bloody foot, I forgave her.
    She offered me whatever I wanted, which was just like a gorgeous bubbler.
    But she said she would have felt worse if I hadn't cared.
  7. it happens, just relax. you'll have many great times with many pieces in your life and that was just one of them. just have her give you some money, and save some and buy a better piece
  8. hahaha i dont know why but that makes me laugh my ass off..funny shit:smoke:

  9. Because chicks cry over stupid shit, right? :/

  10. Ignore him, he doesn't know what he's talking about.
  11. yo dude... shes buying you a new one... what you should do is, take the pieices and see if you can glue um together... just for a keepsake.... then glue it to a piece of wood and put the name like lets say the name was Crush "thats mines" then u put Crush, You served me well, RIP

  12. We are def having a funeral.
    I had that since I was 13..
  13. you so should... you should mount it... or if ucant put it back together... put it in a box with a picture of it...
    and put it somewhere in respect
  14. shit happens. sorry to hear it. hope it gets replaced with something nice

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