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My friend broke his jaw

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by xXGhostKingXx, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Yo so last night my buddy broke his jaw in a fight and hes getting it wired shut for 3 weeks he asked me to research about how he should go about blazing with his jaw wired shut since hes in the hospital right now lol :smoke:
  2. Vaporizer.

  3. but say we are smoking a J or something and he wants a toke will he have to use a straw or someshit cuz he cant open his mouth
  4. smoking kiss yo
  5. Close your mouth. Pull your lips apart. You can still breathe through your teeth. Mission Accomplished.
  6. straw into the end of the bowl
  7. Just make sure he doesn't cough. May hurt a tad bit with a broken Jaw.
  8. Put the joint up your nose and sniff hard ;)
  9. Put a joint in a straw and hit it up the nose....OUCH! maybe. Hes going to want to eat and wont be able to. He WILL lose weight.
  10. This=Nose Bleed trust me ive tried
  11. Haha sorry but that's pretty funny, but seriously hope he gets better soon, and as for using marijuana what about weed tea?
  12. he should be able to smoke with out opening his jaw. its not like his lips got sewed shut
  13. Coughing would probably hurt alot!
  14. Yeah I was gunna say, he can't part his lips? lol.
  15. im going to try smoking a bowl with my jaw closed right now. ill let ya know how it goes.
  16. ^ guess it went well cus your high and forgot to re post.
  17. Tintures in the rectum...
  18. that is exactly what happend lmfao.

    it did work how ever it was weird, but obviously its going to be weird haha. better later than never
  19. i hit a blunt through my nose once:)
  20. Make your friend some edibles. :wave: Not everyone can smoke or likes to smoke yet want to enjoy the benefits of thc. The edibles are best and he/she will get more medicated.

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