My Friend And My Neighbors Think

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  1. that the government is testing nuclear weapons on the moon To ctreate tsunamis to throw the eath off its axis

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  2. a nuclear explosion on the moon would probably be enough to knock itsself out of orbit.

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    smoking that good right? :bongin:
  5. Would you like a towel buzzwell? Cause I know you're SWIMMING bro.
  6. Well idk about moon bases but conspiracies about the moon are abundant, the most common weather conspiracy however is called HAARP
  7. always remember one thing about the outerspace and the moon, "wherever they're going, you're not going", so they can only be doing God knows what
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    Dust does not settle rapidly on the moon (less gravity). Look at that photo of the nuclear explosion. It's HUGE! That raises a heck of a lot of dust that rolls out for miles on earth! On the moon there would be less in the way of obstruction, so the cloud would travel even further. An event like that would be visible to even to back-yard astronomers!!  (Mars, on the other hand .... :eek:   )
    Also WHY would they want to thow the Earth off its axis??? Earth easily could become unlivable! :eek:  There are easier ways of controlling the population than creating tsunamis! Heck, our food is an easier and more effective way to cut the population! (Lack of Omega 3 to cause cancer and mental illness, carcinogenic additives, junk food, etc)  And there are always cars with mechanical flaws, locating polluting factories in poor areas, cutting back essential medical services, hard drugs and guns, etc!
    Granny   :wave:
  9. Granny, I don't know the reason but my friend always sleeps outside and the old bhudda lady next door be telling me there feelings....

    I believe all of the things are the result of spiritual sickness, to some they are ignorant, some are down and trade momentary power for pain later on...they are mad.

    Anyways the tsunami was to throw the earth so the moon or sun ends up at a certain angle.


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  10. <sup>Ii wouldn't put anything past our government. </sup>
  11. Changing the earth's rotation/orbit benefits who exactly?

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