My friend and I got in a fight today..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Super Greens, May 26, 2009.

  1. So my buddy asked me for my lighter, which he had stolen from me the day before (on accident). I asked him if he was going to let me get it back, he said no. So I didn't give it to him and he threw the piece at my face that we were smoking out of and all the pot fell out. Then he pushed over the chair I was sitting on and started throwing shit around and bitching and yelling.. straight up had a temper tantrum like a fuckin 5 year old. So he told me he never wants to hang out with me and I am a faggot and all this other shit. wowww what a good fucking friend.
  2. SHOULD OF KICKED HIS ASS JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:devious:
  3. pretty the last line of that story sums it up :p

  4. I second that i woulda beat his ass then we can be friends again and smoke more :smoking:
  5. He's probably just hit a spot of anger problems. Give it some time and let him come back to you. If he doesn't apologise then fuck it, you don't need him.
  6. What a dumbass. What does he expect if he's not going to give your lighter back? And he threw the piece at your face? That's pretty low. If it was his piece, I would've taken it for myself. Show him what it's like to get something taken.
  7. lol wtf

    Noone acts like that.
  8. he might have some shit going on in his head you dont know about man... but honestly, at that moment, if one of my 'friends' threw a piece at my face and started messin my place up, id have to knock that 'friend' out.
  9. Yeah if it were me and someone did that in my house they would have gotten slapped like a bitch. Twice.

    Then I would have forcefully removed them from my house and told them to fuck off.
  10. It's simple.. He wouldn't act like that infront of me.. If he did.. He'd regret it.. :wave:
  11. Dude, fuck that guy. What a douchebag.
  12. kids these days... i love my friends but if they got in my face like that they would get double that right back (of course, that is unlikely to happen).
  13. What a fucking douche, you should kick the fucker's ass. Who the fuck throws a peice at a friend?
  14. Whatacunt.

    When life gives you cunts, fuck them.
  15. Obviously had some anger problems and you're teasing him with the lighter.
  16. i mean, only one friend of mine could really "steal" my lighter. I've known him ever since i was in like 1st grade and he was in like 6th at the time. We're still friends haha, but he will forget a lot to give a lighter back on a blunt or something. Then again, i'll just steal one out of his car and a cig as well. He'd say "it ain't no thang but a chicken wang" in the end, lol.
  17. i would have issued a beat-down, and then maybe for good measure shoved that lighter up his ass.
  18. what the fuck. maybe he was having his period.
  19. See, GC, me and this kid go wayyy back. He has always been a very close friend and shit. We pretty much think the same. He just always has his little immature fuckin hissy fits. He has a lot of anger and shit and he's cranky as hell sometimes. Well this must have been one of those mornings cause he straight up tweaked. Chucked his xbox 360 controller against the wall and started yelling and shit.

    I am just going to wait it out if he doesn't apologise fuck him... like someone else has stated. Thanks for listening GC
  20. fuck that dude. this guy freaked over NOTHING...i would have beat the shit out of him for throwing something at dont need piece of shit friends like that, forget that loser. you say he has an anger problem, this shit will just happen again in another situation.

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